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What does Santa do in your home? Lock Rss

Hi all, I know it is early to start thinking about this, but what does Santa do in your home. This is the first year Santa will be visiting my home and with sales etc, he was thinking of becoming a little organised. I would love to hear opinions on this. Thanks.
Santa brings some lollies, a board game or dvd and something that they ask him for when they visit him in Dec for photos, so long as it can be found for around the $20 or less mark tongue. Santa also brings lollies and DVD's for Mummy and Daddy too smile. Last year Santa brought lego for DD1 and DS and was even nice enough to send the elves to set the lego up so they could play with it as soon as they found it ... I actually think that was the highlight for them, the fact they didn't have to wait for me to build it (they're not interested in the construction side so much yet).

All the other presents are from either their siblings or mummy and daddy. They enjoy picking that 'perfect present' for the other siblings and we figure that's part of the joy at that time of the year, not just getting a gift but also giving them.

Thankyou. For me, Santa used to bring one big toy eg a doll or game and then some little things like lollies and colouring book and pencils. For my partner, he just received one thing from Santa. Also, my Santa sack was in my bedroom and I was allowed to look at it as soon as I woke up, whereas for my partner, Santa's present was with all the other presents and he had to wait (which seems a little sad to me).
yeah, we do Santa presents are opened first thing in the morning, then we go to church and all the other presents are opened after church. Makes it that little bit special before church, they have something to talk about with all the other kids at church about the presents they got etc but we get to take our time opening and enjoying the 'main' presents rather than being in a rush to get them opened so we can leave for church/being up really early to do all the presents before the church time smile

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