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What does everyone with parents do for christmas? RE: extended family Lock Rss

Hubby and I collectively have a massive family due to split families on both sides we have 7 parents between us so Christmas has ALWAYS been a nightmare.

Previously we had done morning in town half hour away for part of the family, then brunch at our house for another part of the family, then a late lunch at my mums for another part of the family and then back to our place for dinner for the last part.....that year sucked! So last year we held x-mas at our house a few family members said nope not coming because such and such is coming and we said yep that's fine but we're only doing 1 chrissy.

But this year I will be 7.5months prenant and hubby has already but his foot down we are going to my mums (they are only 5mins down the road) and that's it, it will be so hot here by then and the thought of either carting my preggy ass all of the place of worse making dinner for 15 people makes me want to nap now lol sometimes you just have to put yourself first!

I have four siblings and we are all married with kids so we had to learn quickly how to appease both our family and inlaws.

We alternate Xmas day and Boxing Day. This year will be Xmas day with the inlaws and Boxing Day at my brothers place for my side of the family. Next year will be Xmas day for my family, Boxing Day for the inlaws.
My hubby and I only have xmas day off, (we both work boxing day in retail) we have a 12 year old (my stepdaughter) who in the past spends xmas with her mum ........ and brothers and sisters (all older with kids) and she has done xmas with us the following weekend. But we have a bub now so xmas is now xmas. Older one will get gifts on weekend still.

In regards to the parents if they want to see us they can come to us, they are all retired and have way more time on their hands than we do. Stand your ground with what you want to do, sounds like your mum is being a little petty, spend xmas morning with you bub and have fun

We're pretty lucky in that DF's family don't really do Christmas. They are Catholic and go to church every week and do at least 2 other voluntary things each week for the church. They are Korean and although they get the significance of Christmas, it's not a family tradition as prior to coming to Aus. 35yrs ago they were Buddhists.

With my side of the family things just became too messy once we all had kids so most years we do Christmas with mum the weekend prior to Christmas and dad spends Christmas Day with either us or one of my sisters, depending on what each of us are doing. If we don't see him on Christmas Day, we usually catch up on Boxing Day. It helps that we all live in Sydney.

You need to put your foot down now and do what's best for you guys, otherwise they will just keep expecting the same crap year after year.

we will have a new born due in middle of November!

were having my partners mum here with us Christmas morning because she lives alone and were having a Christmas brunch/lunch with her and his dad and step mother at our house as i don't want to take our newborn to their place as they have pets ect and him been so little and not protected from germs works out good as their all really good friends smile

then in the afternoon were heading to my parents house for the night as they live over an hour away smile

Our arrangements are pretty simple haha
My husband is 1 of 5 and 4 of the 5 are married so his mother has set christmas eve as the new christmas day and we spend the day at there place and have a big christmas dinner then watch carols and each head home. there has made it really easy for all 5 to then do what they want for Christmas day.

Because of this my inlaws still get a day with there family and no one has to miss out
My family live 3hours away. We have my family Christmas on the first weekend of December. Our Christmas Day is at home and anyone is welcome there, if they want to come. We spend Boxing Day with DH's family.
Our Christmas's are relaxing and the kids are home to enjoy there presents.
My partners parents and mine live a couple of hours apart. So we just do Christmas day with one family and boxing day with the other.
I have family-in-law that I have too have two sitting on Christmas day due to my in-laws are separated and their partners don't tolerate each other and this is hard when you have kids.So Christmas day lunch is with my mother-in-law and dinner with the father in law and I only cook once and just reheat the food to make life easier.
Go to the dollar store and get a picture frame. Then get all the kids together n take a pic n get it printed....or draw them something or make a poem...something they can hang up.....or get them a nice ornament
I am not sure what we are doing this year as I am due on the 16/12. But in the past I have either had breakfast or tea with my parents at either my parents place or one of us kids (it use to be with all the aunts and uncles too, but as the cousins are all grown up with their own families we don't really do this any more)and always lunch with my partners mother.

The issue is I want to have it at our house, but MIL always wants lunch at her house, she cooks way too much and by the time we eat it is usually around 1.30-2pm and with a toddler last year that, she was so hungry and tired as it was past her nap time.

My partners Dad lives in another town, so we see him usually before or after Xmas.
I use to wake my son up quickly open his presents go to my parents spend 2 hours then my inlaws who would be so incondsiderate and make the day drag put and we would spend like 6 hours there, while my son would whinge cause he wanted to go home and play with his toys.....l since having the twins I go no where they have no kids so if they come they come if not I don't care..... I do what's right for me Christmas is about the children......
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