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Hello there,
I just want to get your opinion on this my other half wants to get a wishbone 3 in 1 balance bike for our son, but I am a bit hesitant because it costs $270 - I want to know if any of you bought this bike and was it worth it?
Thank you
We just bought this for our just turned 2 year old this week (tho was quite a bit cheaper off NZ website!). It is GREAT she loves it! For ages she's happily been riding on one of those wee plastic push along 3 wheel motorbikes but the past few weeks has been falling off as her feet kept getting stuck under the back wheels. But as she's only the size of a 1 year old shes to small for any balance bikes so this was the perfect alternative.
Another selling point for me was it converts into a 2 wheel balance bike for when they're older so will last for years and years. After watching lots of you tube videos of other kids on them and reading reviews we decided to get it - so pleased we did as we go for a lot of "bike rides" so am very confident we'll get of money's worth.
Go on, do it! (But shop around for the best deal wink

Awesome! Thank you Nursenellie, how good are the you tube video's???? yes I will shop around????
Question marks equals smiley faces- don't know what happened there.
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