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Cheap present ideas for 8 y.o. girl please Lock Rss

OK, so we've just given our DDs their Christmas present from us early this year. It's a puppy and all the stuff that you have to buy to go with it. So, my dilemna is that now that we have spent well over budget (add $$ for 2 kids from both us, and also from Santa and it's about half way there!!!). So now I desperately need an idea for what Santa can get my 8 year old DD that is cheap but won't look stingy. Also has to compete with an Ipod that her cousin will be getting ......
I guess it would depend on what she likes, already has and is allowed! And on your budget too!

A radio perhaps, or CD player? A portable DVD player?
Kiddy make-up or hair accessory type stuff?
A "voucher" for a movie day with a friend?
Something to go along with a favourite toy she already has?

Flying a bit blind without knowing what your little one likes...sorry!
If you have the time to help how about a kids cook book, could be something you both enjoy.
Does your DD have a ipod? If so how about a portable speaker to go with it.

A pretty gift box filled with craft bits and pieces from one of those cheap shops?

Or something like this?

If its in a big box it should look more expensive wink

Are her cousin and her opening it at the same time? Could you explain the puppy was part of her christmas present?
Thanks for the suggestions ladies but so far I've discounted :-
CD/DVD player - she has CD player in her room, I don't like portable DVD players
Ipod acessories - we don't have ipod/ipad, as I don't want to introduce them until I absolutely have too!
She also has plenty of hair accessories, craft stuff, books etc.

I was given a brand new mp3 player a couple of years ago which I will never use, so if I can work out how to copy some CDs onto it, she might just get that!
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