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Toy Guns as Christmas Gifts Lock Rss

My husband and i have always said that we would not let ds 3 play with guns.

Today we went to a family BBQ and 2 water guns/super soaker things were pulled out and all the kids wanted to play with them.

I felt OK about it at the time and so did hubby but now i am not sure.

My son loves Pirates and hubby made him a toy sword and i didn't think anything at the time but now i am questioning it as family members want to buy water guns as Christmas presents and i am honestly not sure about it.

So where do i draw the line? Are water guns OK? Nerf? Swords?

Would love your opinion on what you think is OK.
I personally don't think it's a problem. I highly doubt just because a child plays with toy guns they are going to become a gun wielding killer.

Seems like not a big deal.
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