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Gift ideas for 10mo and my bestie Lock

I'm hoping you guys can help me. I've struggled for gift ideas but managed to cover my ...

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For the 10 month old how about a melamine plate set or a toddler fork/spoon set. For your friends I think a bottle of wine or a ni...

Could you do it? Lock

Wow that little girl did rotten stuff! I don't know how I would cope if my kids were that ba...

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I wouldn't cancel Christmas as I don't believe in offering incentives or bribery to encourage "good" behaviour. ...

Present warning Lock

Thanks for the tip. Screwdrivers and batteries...

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I take all my kids toys out of the boxes, remove at least 3/4 of the attachment devices put in batteries where needed and then put t...

Christmas Toy Declutter Idea. Lock

Love this idea! Thank you for sharing might be able to get rid of some of my sons unwanted toys f...

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that is a great idea! we are always giving toys to vinnies but would be a nice idea and good life value to get the kids involved.

This true for anyone else? Lock

I just sent this to my sil and she loved it

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Love this very true!

How cool is this!! Lock

I saw the short video of this on Stuff this morning. So awesome!

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Awwww thats so nice of them. Very touching.


My Christmas Tree! *pic* Lock

Is finally up - yay! Went with Red, Turquoise and Gold this year, and will be the theme from now...

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Yes, ours is standard green colour. Just put gold xmas ball dec's all over it with some green & red tinsel & coloured x...



How do you celebreate christmas day? Dh and i host christmas every year for the last 9 years exc...

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sounds like everyone has great plans for christmas! i cant wait for it to arrive. I love christmas as much as my kiddies lol


Sharing a picture of my american bulldog & his Christmas spirit Lock

Happy 1st of December everyone! May you all stay safe and enjoy your 2013 Christmas.

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Well hello there mr thug!! Defs need some tinsel around your collar bud!! Yeah he don't mind it lol he thinks his human mos...


Christmas lunch? Lock

So, what does everyone have for Christmas lunch ?

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MMMM just thinking about it is making me salivate. yum yum. We have Roast Pork, Roast Turkey, And a leg of Ham (Cold) with a heap...

Ben&Chloës Mama

Christmas gifts Lock

So chriatmas is 9 weeks away! So was wondering how old are your kiddies and what are you getting...

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My kids are 2 and 1. They are getting a few big things to share like a seesaw, outdoor picnic table and some other stuffy mostly for...

Do you Lock

LOL Jas... sometimes with shift work and a toddler I feel like I never see mine Not really. Befo...

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I usually gifts such as books, toys, etc.

I'm making a list......checking it twice...... Lock

Pretty good. The kids are sorted. I just got stuff for my nephew and my brothers partners girls....

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Supermummy wrote: So I'm searching for ideas again. I also need ideas for mum, dad, my sister, her husband, dh brothers (x2) a...

Christmas game Lock

1. Are you excited for Christmas? ...yes 2. Are there any birthdays in your family (extended to...

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1. Are you excited for Christmas? Yep love christmas 2. Are there any birthdays in your family (extended too) between now and Chris...

Favourite Lock

I like all of them! But ferreros are good to get as a gift. Not quite a chocolate but my fave thi...

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I'm loving the Cadbury bubbly chocolate ATM. Especially the strawberry one. As a gift I love the Lindt chocolate balls, they ar...


Christmas tree questions Lock

1. When do you put your tree up? 2. When do you take it down? 3. Real or Fake? If fake, what c...

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Becaful wrote: 1. When do you put your tree up? 1st of December. 2. When do you take it down?! 3. Real or Fake? ...


Baby's First Christmas?? Lock

I have just under 3 weeks left until I'm due with baby #1 and just had a thought as to what ...

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One of those ornate christmas snow glodes the good ones you get from the gift stores.


Home made Christmas Lock

Yep so it was my wise idea that we'd have a homemade Christmas this year and now we're ...

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If you sew I-spy bags are cute ( It's down a little on this page) Here ar...


Christmas tree stands Lock

Dose anyone know where I can get one for a real tree??

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You can take a Christmas tree from any farms / Nursery. At Wilson Rd in Middle Swan you will get a fresh cut tree. There are many ...


What to get the husband!! Lock

I am the worst at gift giving when it comes to my husband. He's amazing remembers everything...

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Depends what his hobby is? Is it fishing, sport ie tickets to a soccer match, a short getaway and leave the kids with babysitters, ...

Pinkie Pie

Anyone doing Elf on a Shelf this year?? Lock

I've decided I will but I was wondering where you got yours from? I'm pretty sure Angus...

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Got it from $37.79 free shipping of anyone else was wondering.

a bit of fun :p Lock

Hehe...I'm Frilly Sugar-Gems!!

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Sparkle gifty-pants

Present for my dad, help me!! Lock

If it was me I would buy a gift card. At least he can then pick out something he likes.

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what about a voucher for a nice restaurant? could be a combined gift for your mum and dad. Just figured as he has his own business ...


Going to try this Lock

I have always struggled with things to put in stockings. I found a story about St Nicholas a few ...

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Thats pretty cool. Thanks, struggling for stocking stuffers for christmas too.


Christmas outfits Lock

Selling Christmas outfits here.. Cute bloomers and custom headbands! Plus much more http://velice...

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Stocking ideas Lock

We always got lollies in ours plus a new toothbrush to go with them! A fun one with a cartoon cha...

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Our kids stockings are almost pillow case size so they always end up with quite a bit in them, things such as Pyjamas Small lego se...

Christmas present ideas for 5 month old? Lock

my DS was 5 months old last Christmas and we got him a paddling pool. He was only just starting t...

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I wouldn't go overboard. I would just get things that you would be buying regardless. Clothes, shoes, feeding utensils etc. ...


Trying to find a baby bag for my sister who is pregnant- Help! Lock

Hi there, I am looking for a really nice nappy changing bag for my sister that she can use for m...

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Thank Raechel, I purchased the Eden from the site as the did not work? I had to order the Eden on pre-order...

Ben&Chloës Mama

Gingerbread family pic Lock

Havent been on in a few days to post the pics cause have been so super busy with christmas and a ...

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Soooo cute and clever- what an awesome idea


Christmas day pics Lock

All gone

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Thanks ladies Coopee wrote: Your DH has great taste in football teams lol. As always gorgeous pics of your dd looking forward to m...


I ate to much. Lock

Hi Huggies girls. Well I been eating all day just feeling so full. I am not used to eating big m...

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ajna wrote: Hi Huggies girls. Well I been eating all day just feeling so full. I am not used to eating big meals. In the last few w...


Merry Christmas! **photo removed** Lock

Merry Christmas! Someone is happy this morning

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Hi Merry Christmas very cute photo.


Merry Christmas ladies!! I got what I wished for. Lock

Goodmorning We have just had a wonderful morning at our house unwrapping pressies and now I am s...

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Merry Christmas! Glad you got your wish x


oh im such an idiot!!! Lock

I have bit of a reputation as a caterer and I love to make fancy cakes and desserts. This year I ...

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mummascott wrote: Hi ladies, have done all my cakes and want to post a pic, but I've never done it before, so how do I add a pic to ...

ok I know its been done by lots but Lock

Merry Christmas Unique.

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Merry Christmas! Hope your family has a really special day xx

Hi girls! Lock

Merry Christmas.

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Merry Christmas! Sounds like you are probably getting lots done by staying away from huggies lol love the way you put it cbf-itis ge...

Ben&Chloës Mama

DS and Santa *pic* Lock

took DS to see Santa today and his workshop in the North Pole apparently he was one of the best ...

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Gorgeous boy!!

Who's ready for christmas? Lock

I'm ready. Just have to make another batch of shortbread tomorrow and then I'm done. We're going ...

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Ben&Chloës Mama

This or That Christmas Eddition Lock

Candy canes or cookies? Real tree or fake tree? Decorations inside or not? Christmas songs or ...

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Candy canes or cookies? Cookies Real tree or fake tree? Fake Decorations inside or not? Not Christmas songs or movies? Movies St...


merry christmas Lock

morning Just wanted to say a big merry christmas to all the huggies mums we are off on our h...

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Merry Christmas Have a fun and safe holiday!