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First Birthday Cake Ideas Lock Rss

Just like to know what kind of cake did you get for your son/daughter's first Birthday.
I am not sure whether to get ice cream or continental, The number 1 shape or plain.
I live in Melbourne and would love any ideas and recomendations.

Has anyone had ice-cream cakes from Cold Rock?

Caroline Springs

Hi there

we had a sponge cake for my daughters first as it was mainly for the adults.

where in Melbourne do u live?

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last year when my son turned one, my mum made the cake! She just made a sponge cake and iced it like a wall, blew out an egg and made a Humpty Dumpty sitting on the wall!! it was cute!

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My daughter just had her 1st birthday on the weekend. I ordered a big square cake with a big number one in the centre of the square cake. It was from a local cake shop... it had cream all around the cake. On top were different kinds of fruits, and on the sides were peanuts. My daughter had a piece where there were no peanuts... she loved it. I was going to go for just a number 1 cake but it cost just as much as what I ordered, even though it wouild have been way smaller.

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for isabella's 1st b'day we ordered her a big square mud cake with a photo of her on it from michels patisserie. it cost about $53

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Its a hard decision too make for the little ones hey!! I was contemplating doing the ice cream cake thing. Instead I am going too try my hand at making Harry's cake. A Caterpillar too be precise - I seen a picture of one in That's Life! a little while ago & it looked great. There will be 20 of his little friends coming along too the party so I am going too make the body out of 10 rows of 2 patty cakes. The head will be done with a larger round sponge for the adults. I am going to put the No. 1 on the side of the caterpillar's cheek. The patty cakes will individually have Harry's friends names on them also

Bec, Qld, Harrison 22/12/04

My daughter turned one in Sep, if you are having a party you could do what I did and just make lots of cupcakes and decorated them as flowers,
butter cream icing on top ( green) then those chocie sprinkles and mint leaves for the leaves and round flat lollypops for the flowers. Everyone loved them, and it meant there was no waste. And great for little people to eat. And they feel special coz they get their own little cake each.

My recipes came out of the Donna Hay kids mag.

Jo, Emily 2/9/04 & Will 13/5/06

A nice idea i got from a book was very simple! I did it for Liam and it was effective! just a plain rectangle/square sponge cake, ice it and put a photo of your bub in the middle then decorate around it. I decorated with all different lollies. Cover the photo with cling wrap to protect it. It is very basic and stress free but lots of people commented on how personal it was - because of the photo!
hi there

when my daughter turned one we had a cake made for her from a cake shop in the shape of a number 1 with a fairy theme to it. it cost my husband and i a packet $180 and we found that in the end she didnt get anything out of it cause its imaterial to a 1 year old what they get so if i was you i would find something nice CHEAP and easy as although it is nice and you always want the best for your children they dont know at that age (leave the exspensive ones for later) but you go with what ever makes you happy. her cake was nice it had fairy figuriens all over it that we got to keep and have done but other then photos shes not even going to remember that day

good luck finding a cake

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For my son's first birthday I made a clock. It was just a plain chocolate cake (packet recipe) and i iced it blue and cut out the numbers and hands from uncle Toby's rollups (the 3 colour ones- so that you could alternate colours) adn then placed them in the corredt place to show 1 o'clock.

It was also both my parents birthday with in a week so I made some cup cakes on a board as wrist watches and put there age as the time. (eg mum was 52 so i wrote 00:52 with icing) and made the wrist bands from rollups again.

Was fun.

Andrae,WA - Liam, Siobhan and Erin

For my lil mans first birthday he got a Spiderman Cake - For my oldest 1st bday i made her a Pink Elephant it was very cute, and for my middle childs birthday cake She had an Icecream cake - her fav...

I always make cakes to suit there likes or bday themes.

my girls are born really close and have parties always together but receive seperate cakes. last year i made them Towers of Krispy Kreme Original Glazed doughnuts.

This year for #2 my son with be getting A Car Cake - he loves his Cars

NSW, 17mth boy, 5 & 6 girls

I just ordered a sponge cake from the Cheescake Shop. He loved it!
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