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My partner and I are not married, and whilst I was christened Catholic at birth, I undertook religon lessons whilst younger and made my reconciliation but not my holy communion.

I now wish to have my daughter christened Catholic, can any one advise me as to whether or not they believe I am going to have trouble finding a Catholic Church/ Priest to do so, given my circumstances?

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My partner and I are not married, but I am catholic and completed all my steps when I was younger, talk to your parish priest and see what he says. My church was awesome with the fact that we weren't married and that he wasn't catholic and we are having both our daughters baptised this weekend. good luck and I'm sure it will all work out
i dont think that it is going to be a problem. The church will not really take into account that you have not had your communion or are not married as it is all about your daughter.

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I agree .. we had our son baptised Catholic, DH is Catholic, I was not christened at the time. We were not married either. Since then we have got married and I have become a Catholic. Hope to get DS#3 baptised this year gasp}
DS#1 was baptised Catholic when I was a single mum and at that time not christened.

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