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Kid's Birthday Cakes - Show Us Your Pics ! Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

We have received a great suggestion from one of our members to have a thread running where our talented mums can show off their home made kid's birthday cakes.

We would love to see your party pics and hear your advice on how you made your special creation.

I think you will agree that seeing the delight on your wee one's face when they see their birthday cake, makes having icing up to your elbows all worth while smile

Thanks for your contribution!

This is my Elmo Cake i made for Hannahs 2nd Bday! (3 HOURS!!)

Tin brought off EBAY!
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3 Little Ones to Love.....

Yay i got my thread!

Here are mine

I just cant find Bella's First birthday cake, it was a butterfly.

Bella's 2nd

Bella's 3rd

Lola's 1st

Lola's 1st party cake
jasmine's butterfly cake
Charli's second Birthday
Isaks first birthday
penguin cake 3an half hours

isak 2nd birthday
thomas the tank HE LOVED IT!!!!! 3hours
Wow, there are a lot of talented mums out there!! These cakes are great. I love looking at what others have made.

This is my yummy Tiramisu cake that I made for myself!! It was beautiful..sponge cake, drizzled with coffee and kahlua, and layered with Marscapone cheese....mmmmmm


and here are the cakes I have made for the girls over the last few years


Sorry, dont' know how to post the links on here!!!

DD1 turns 4 in June and wants a Dora the Explorer cake, anyone have any ideas on how I can do this??

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They are awesome cakes! You have done well!

Here is your link

HI LolliBel,

Thank you, how on earth do you do the link thing???

Your cakes are great too!!

Thanks, I like them! LOL

I just followed the instructions below where you reply, just practice and preview your posts before you submit them to see if you got it!

Good luck!
thanks, but I have another dumb question:

do you follow the URL one??? Because I tried this, and previewed it, and it was great, but then when I posted it, it didn't work???

Anyway, will keep trying. thanks again. I don't suppose you would know how I can make a dora cake???

I would go onto Ebay and get a dora tin,

Other than that i would get a colouring book and trace the piccy of Dora on the cake and use licorish to outline and then coloured icing.

Good luck!
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