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Kid's Birthday Cakes - Show Us Your Pics ! Lock Rss

DS first birthday cake <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>

Rocket/space Cake - Kyan 5th

Buzz Lightyear Cake - Jayden 3rd

Dragon Cake - Kyan 4th

Here are some cakes that I made for my daughters birthdays so far. I also made a cake for my husbands work do.[email protected]/5763600254/in/photostream[email protected]/5763052613/in/photostream/[email protected]/5763051367/in/photostream/[email protected]/5617688509/in/photostream/
Here are some cupcakes and main cake that I made for my daughters 5th birthday party which was last weekend the theme was fairy garden.[email protected]/5874969997/in/photostream[email protected]/5875527514/in/photostream
ear-marking smile

I got my inspiration from this great Facebook page from little big company they ran this competition called the sweetness competition. Some of the cakes were simply stunning!
Love it all - keep up the good work ladies

My link
My sister made my DS's 1st bday cake...a number 1 marble cake with light blue icing, a Hoot figurine, DS's name and stars/ was fantastic. Still waiting on my photos though sad

Some great cakes on here, there are so many talented Mummies out there.

Will have to learn how to do kids cakes myself for years to there a manual? Lmao tongue
Huggies_Moderator wrote:
Hi everyone,

We have received a great suggestion from one of our members to have a thread running where our talented mums can show off their home made kid's birthday cakes.

We would love to see your party pics and hear your advice on how you made your special creation.

I think you will agree that seeing the delight on your wee one's face when they see their birthday cake, makes having icing up to your elbows all worth while smile

Thanks for your contribution!
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