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What cakes have you made??? Lock Rss

Hi I was wondering what cakes everyone has made for their kids, so I will start first!

DS#1 1st birthday - Well, this was my very first attemopt at makng acake in my whole life hehe, but I mad him 2x small rectangle cakes, and iced them and decorated them as trains, and I had licorice for the train tracks.It was supposed to be a fire engine though, but looked better as a train though lol!
DS#! 2nd birthday - Well, I thought I would be a little more creative and make a cake into the shape of Nemo. Well, i thought I would be a male and not read the directions, and I went to cut it and it crumbled! Then I went to ice it and it fell apart!!! All the day before his party! So, off I went to the nearest Coles the next morning, brought a sponge cake and stuck a TOy Story edible image on top and there you go!!!
DS#! 3rd birthday - I did a fantastic job this year if I say so myself!!! I made 2 cakes as he had a party with his friends, and a party with his relatives. I read the directions this time, and made a Blues Clues cake (the recipie is on the Nick Jnr website) and I also made a cake of the Wiggles logo. I was very proud of myself lol!!!

Well, theres a long post hehe, but let me know what you guys have done, and any funny stories to go with it...
Hi Manda,

I just love making cakes, the very first one i ever made was 3 yrs ago for my nieces b'day, i made her a hi5 cake. it was great then i started to get orders from everyone to make their kids b'day cakes. so far i have made thomas the tank engine for my son's 1st b'day, his 2nd b'day cake was at his maccas party as i was due to give birth to my DD around that time so i couldn't organise much. i have made a spiderman cake for my neighbour, a humpty dumpty cake for my sons kindy and i am looking forward till next year when my dd turns 1 so i can make her a fairy cake (already got the pattern lol) i have also made big bird, elmo, nemo and the train on the tracks all for friends kids. I find it very rewarding the look on the kids faces when they see their favourite character on a cake for their b'days. ( should start up my own cake making business hey LOL!!)

mel, qld, DS Tykeal 20/8/03 and DD Phoenix 2/9/05

The first time i made a birthday cake for my 4 yr old nephew, i made a huge train..... and guess what he said to me.. "Can i have a round cake next year?" I baked basic sponge cakes and cut them to rectangle shapes, used a jam roll for the engine stack & used licorice as tracks and outlining of carriages, iced in different colours and topped with lollies.

Number 6 race track
Next I made a number six cake for my friends son and made it into a race track as his obsession was hotwheels, used licorice for the track, put hotwheels on it, used jelly babies as spectators and lego trees to decorate. He thought it was very cool.

Lucky i now have my own son to make cakes for. Although i have learnt that i actually don't like baking, just the creation of cakes, so now I buy sponges from Woolworths, its so much easier!!

For my sons first birthday I made a 3D dinosaur & themed the party that way. Added a few small plastic dinosaurs surrounding the cake and have 2 put away in his keepsake box. Also put dino treats in party bags, small dinosaur & plain biscuits with dino prints in icing on top.

Another Train.
For his 2nd birthday, i did another train, this time i bought a cheap train set and used the engine from this and just made the carriages & tracks, also used lego trees as a feature. I found a train cookie cutter and did the fairy bread as trains and made biscuits the same. The train engine is now also in his keepsake box. Guess I will have to keep doing it now.

I have no idea what we will be doing this year for his 3rd birthday, but my sister in law has requested a pirate themed cake for my nephews 7th!!!

Natalie, QLD, 2yo boy

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