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Hi everyone,

i thought a forum would be the best chance i had at gaining ideas for my little mans first birthday. i have started the 'tigger' theme already with invites and now im trying to battle cake plans etc but i would love some help and input about everything!
what tigger ideas do you have? has anyone made a tigger cake themselves from scratch? any decoration ideas?
ive looked for hours on the internet but found nothing =(

hope someone can help so i can make this the best 1st birthday party


We just make a square sponge and then DH uses coloured royal icing or something similar to make the picture from a cutout. I found a tigger picture at

that you could print out and make the cake top from? Also I think Wendy's has one of their icecream cakes with tigger on top or you can make and decorate little orange/choc stripy cupcakes and arrange them in the shape of a one - maybe with a tigger sticker on top of each. Orange and black jellybeans/jellybabies/smarties, jaffas, tigger stickers, etc in orange lolly bags, orange and black balloons and streamers. Get some thin cardboard and make a tigger hat with a five cm band around like a crown and tigger ears on the front. Wish I had had this many ideas for Emily's first birthday - hope something helps you.

Charlotte mum to Emily 27-08-03 & Lily 21-09-06

Hello i am also planning a 1st birthday only for a lil girl and i am doing a disney princess theme. I have hired a disney princess jumping castle and they also have disney pooh with tigger on them

the site is i hope this helps you a bit for your themed party


Kim NSW first time mum

i did a tigger cake for my daughters 1st birthday.
i baked a round vanilla cake
i found a picture of tiggers head and photocopied it to the size of the cake
then i trimmed of the edges of the cake and did the yellow and orange colors in the right spots then did the black out line.
i then put thin bit of licorice for the whiskers.
i got everything form the supermarket.
and it actually looked great and was very easy.
although i dont know what the cake tasted like Dakota attacked it with her hands while we were singing happy birthday, luckily i bought a mud cake for everyone to eat.
and Dakota enjoyed it which was the main thing.
let us know how you go

Freaked2002, 3 girls 07/03 09/05 & 06/07

It is a shame that you cannot get to a spotlight store, their party section "Spartys" have excellent cake tins, by "Wilton". Maybe have a search on E-bay. I found a fantastic pooh bear tin in the USA for my daughters first birthday on ebay and in the end it cost me $30 to get here. I resold it on ebay once I used it and got back $28!

There is on in the UK on ebay

it is quite pricey though, they are the same ones available at Spartys for $30. Maybe to can mail order from Spartys?

Good luck smile

Sarah, Melbourne, 14 month daughter

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