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my daughter will be one in feb and we are starting to form ideas on how to celebrate this event I was just wanting to know what other people did for their babies first birthday - I formed a list of those I thought we would invite but the list is at 40 already do we do something small or go all out
What did others do?

felicia, taranaki,nz

Hi Felicia,
What date was your little one born?
Monique was born on the 23rd of Feb we have decided to have her christening and her birthday together and have one big party on the list we have 65 guests at the moment.
Why do they have to grow up so quick it only seems like yesterday i had her and now shes turning 1 smile

We celebrated Lachlan's first birthday by having a morning party at the local park. It was great as I didn't have to worry about cleaning up the kitchen before guests arrived and there was plenty of entertainment for his older cousins and friends. I made lots of cupcakes, (decorated them as frogs, lions, butterflies, bears etc) which the kids loved. We had lots of fingerfood so clean up was minimal. I invitated a lot of people to his birthday (Hubby and I both have big families so it couldn't be helped) but kept his christening much smaller. I hope your daughter has a wonderful first birthday!

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