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Birthday present ideas for girl turning 3! Lock Rss

Hi - My little girl is turning 3 soon, we were thinking of getting her a bike as a 'big present' but I would like some ideas on some other things that we can give her also.
What do your three year old girls love playing with?

Linda (Jessica 3/4/03, Caleb 11/4/05)

Our daughter turned 3 last wednesday and loves to be outside with her daddy helping him fix the car/ boat or in the garden. My husband found a shop here in town that sold mini versions of mens work shirts, (like the Hard Yakka ones) and bought her one "just like daddy", they came in pink and blue. My sister found a large cardboard box with a lid and filled it with craft stuff such as: glitter glue, pipe cleaners, pompoms, paper punch, plastic paper sissors, ordinary craft glue, coloured paper, ink stamps, stickers, stryofoam balls and other fabulous bits and pieces, our daughter just loves it and spends hours creating. hope this gives you some inspiration.

Kim, Kununurra, Mo2

Hi again Linda, just looked at your chilren's birth dates, our son was born on 14 April 2005 and daughter 15 Feb 2003. Congratulations

Kim, Kununurra, Mo2

im having the same problem my little girl turns 3 on the 27th of march and its so hard to find what she likes she never plays with just one thing and its getting close now its hard enough trying to orginize a party for her when so many parents around dont see the point of giving kids partys before there 5th birthdayas thay seem to think thay dont count


hi lindab
my daughter was a little spoilt for xmas she was 19months we bought a 12foot round trampoline with the net enclosure and she absolutly loves it.its great for co-ordination to.

chris wa 1yr, 2yrs 14 yr

I recently gave my friends little girl a toy washing machine - she loved it.

Have also given 3 year olds girls;
Funky boots/handbag set,makeup kits,easel for drawing,tea sets,dolls,prams, toy ovens, wheel barrows, books, dress ups

3 yr boys;
cars, trucks, dirt, ovens, brooms, wheelbarrows, bug collectors, books, sprinklers, board games (simple).

A lot of kids at three like to "play house" and mimic what mum and dad or other adults do, also be superheroes or characters.
Hope this helps.

Sal, two mischief boys 4yrs & 16 mth's

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