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Christmas Baby - Fair B'Day? Rss

My little girl was born on christmas day. I always remarked on how unfair it must b for those poor buggers born on xmas day when I was younger - Whoops, now I have one! I was after some suggestions on how to give my daughter a "fair" birthday yet still having a proper xmas. Was thinking about celebrating her b'day in the middle of the year but that doesnt seem like a real b'day 2 me. Does anyone have any suggestions? Any other xmas babies out there?

mel, gold coast, 10mth DD

hi there
Just want to say that i think that Remidee is a gorgeous name. Well i dont have a xmas day baby but thought id give you my opinion on the situation. I had a friend in school who was born on xmas day and we used to celebrate her birthday a few days before the rush of the festive season. Im sure you will think of something. Here's another dilemma i had with one of my friends in school she was born on the 29th Febuary. We always thought poor girl but she loved it. So there are some peeps with different dilemma's but we all get through them in the end.
Good luck

2 little angels,17 months and one on the inside

have you tried looking up her name day? In Europe they are celebrated as much/ if not more than birthdays and that could be a more personal day specifically for her ,rather than just picking another day mid year.

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