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party game ideas for 5th birthday Lock Rss

Other then pass the parcel does anyone have any good party games for about 10 kids that involves no violence (ie pinata) knowing DS he would love to hit his poor sisters more then the object

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My son is turning 5 and i am also looking for some games to.

Other ones i have come up with but no names are

Pull a stick out the sand - You make up 10 paddle pop sticks with numbers each kid gets to choose. I am making up nine bags that have small items in it like a bouncy ball or sticker etc but the number 5 stick will be the winner they are having a bigger price. But every kid still gets a prize each.

I have kids attending from the age of 2 up till 13 so all the bigger games are out as most are young.

Another one i am planning on doing and is baced on the top one is balloon popping all though its not writen down in my list do do yet as i would like to find some more. All you do is put numbers into the balloon one number per balloon then blow up and tie shut. Each kid must take a balloon and bust it the one with number 5 wins the big price all others win smaller prices.

But all my games are going to be like that cause the younger ones always loose and the older ones all ways win so this way the little ones have a good chance of winning to.

MY sons having a pirate party so i also have got them a priate set for $2 each and i also got blow up balls and swards as well to play with. I went to a local party shop and online and got alot of priate stuff from 10c up to $1.50 to do as prices all in pirate theams (eg bouncy balls, little ball games, penciles, rubber ducks, tattos).

Being a 5th birthday i thought they are very big so wanted to go out of my way to do the best. My son even thought its not till july is asking me to have it now.

I tryed to cut back on games and buy stuff that they can play with as its held at nanas house and not ours their want be toys to play with. Thats why i am not paying to many games because i think they will have heaps to do with the blow up stuff pluse play setc.

Good luck with the party

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Just thought I would give you an update.

We had pin the spider on the web and pass the parcel. The kids loved both.

I am really glad that I didn't do much more as the boys were happy playing with each other, the trampoline, bikes, balls and beleive it or not the good old sandpit.

My only advice is dont plan too much. Plan small and dont go over board with the food.

I had way too many people and heaps of left overs that we will be eating for the next two weeks. I am just dissapointed that I spent so much time preparing and being a host that I didn't get to socialise with many people.

But at least the kids had a ball!!

My busy house

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