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hello to all mums
ive decided to do a hi5 theme for daughters 2nd birthday in may .does anybody know where id fine the hi5 hand cake tin in w.a thanks

chris wa 1yr, 2yrs 14 yr

Hi Chris, I've never seen a cake tin for Hi-5. However I did see a edible Hi-5 cake hand decoration while browsing for something similar on ebay.
Hope this helps.

Sue, DS b. Mar 2004

Hi Bizzymum, not sure about the Hi-5 cake tin, but why don't you bake the cake in a big square or round tin and then cut out the shape? I am assuming you are after the hi-5 hand? I have a cake supplies store in Melb that I go to and they make any shape tin you give them, do u have a cake supplies place there?
My friend wanted a big no. 2 for a cake for her girls bday, and ended up baking a rectangle and cutting it into No. 2 by first marking it with a skewer where she wanted to cut.

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Hi my daughter was crazy for Maisy Mouse for her 2nd birthday of course there are no cake tins or recipes for Maisy so I baked two rectangles and cut them to size and then joined all the pieces together. Probably your best bet is to DIY! Good luck.
I have a template for a hi5 cake (well the entire menu for a hi5 snow party) from a magazine.
If you would like a copy email me on I can either scan it and email or post it to you

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