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Hi my ds will be 1 in a couple of weeks.We are having it on a sunday at 2.00pm but i want to try and keep the cost down on food.There will be around 20 including kids. just want finger food but im stuck on some ideas on what.I would be nice to have healthy stuff as well.Thankyou for your ideas.

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for some healthy options you could always do something simple like carrot, celery and cucumber sticks or you could try and be creative with some skewers and do fruit skewers with maybe grapes, pineapple, strawberries, apple and banana?

you could also serve sandwich triangles with some egg or vegemite and then maybe salad for adults.

or for more sweet sides you could have fairy bread and make up some jelly (that is quite cheap). Another thing you could try would be to get some arrowroot biscuits and put on coloured icing and then decorate with lollies to make faces or pictures. you can make chocolate crackles or choc spiders or simple cup cakes.

Maybe even do some yogurt cups?

hope ive helped for some ideas!


Some of the easy foods are Cocktail sausages, mini sandwiches using small bread rolls, mini sausage rolls, party pies. Pizza can be cut into small rectangular pieces.

Hope this helps a bit.
you could try some mini muffins or mini quiches. I make mini quiches using a recipe for impossible pie - makes it really quick and easy.

Cheese sticks and crackers with chopped up vegies and fruit as mentioned by other mum. You could slice the cheese and then use cookie cutters to make cheese shapes. You could make some guacamole dip for the vegies too.

Little sausage rolls.

You could do fruit and yoghurt in little individual serves.

Little iceblocks are good, depending on weather I guess. You can make them using yoghurt and berries and freeze in icecube containers or iceblock moulds.

A nice drink is blackcurrant syrup with flavoured mineral water. Not the healthiest perhaps, but very yum.

That's all i can think of for now. I hope you have a wonderful time.

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