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My daughters 2nd birthday will be here before I know it and I was just wondering if anybody had any ideas on what to get for a little girl that almost seems to have everything. I was thinking possibly a swing set cause we go around to a friends place and they have one that she loves, but my Hubby feels she may not quiet be old enough for one yet. So, ideas on other presents and what your thoughts about a swing set for a 2 year old, would be very helpful.

if the swing set has aslide i reckon it would be tops. Bennetts birthday is on wednesday and he is getting a trampoline, Trike, laptop (i know i know!!) puzzle, books, dvds. and god knows what else he's going to get at his party on the weekend.

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Adara's getting a jumping castle for her bday on sat, I saw them for an ok price on ebay. She's also getting some power touch books, books, puzzles, tea set & a learn thru music disc thing. She has an embarassing amount of toys (a dining room made into a toy room, the lounge, 3 bedrms & 3 massive toy boxes, all full of toys) I've decided to cut back a bit before they're both spoilt..

Swing is a good idea, my kids have one and they love it. It's one that you hang from an outside roof or something with a high back and t-bar in the front so they don't fall out. Imaginary play is usaully a hit now - tea, dinner & cooking sets are good, dress ups, dolls, etc.


My son celebrated his 2nd birthday a coule of months ago. We bought him a "hills" swing set which includes a toddle seat and he absolutely loves it! He hasn't fallen off yet (touch wood) but always wants to be pushed smile. Another great thing he loves when he visits friends is a trampoline.

Hope this helps

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what about a kids electronic keyboard with differnt music and a microphone. my daughter is getting it for her 2nd birthday from her grandad. keeps them amused for hours.

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Our youngest just turned two and we took the opportunity to decorate her room. We gave her a doll like the one she kept taking from her sisters room so she got some thing to play with on the day.
But everyone pooled in money and we bought Pooh Bear stickups for the walls, a mat, a cushion, some curtains, and a night light. She adores Pooh Bear and now loves to spend more time in her room playing quietly.
We did this for all our kids on their 2nd birthday and they just loved to help decorate and even more loved the change in their room when it was done.


i'm getting my daughter a finch for her birthday. i also got her a floor 24 piece puzzle.

philippa mum of Charley chicken

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