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Calling on any Qld/Gold Coast Mum's/Dad's with toddlers? Lock Rss

Hi Everyone,

My name is Kylie and I am 31yrs old I am Married with 3children and another one due on the 30th October 2006.

My childrens ages are Girl - 12yrs, Boy - 9yrs and Girl - 17months, My husband, children and I moved to Qld/Gold Coast in October 2005 and I am yet to meet people I have no family here and would really like to get to no other people my age in the Gold Coast area with children/child around the same ages as my children.

I am actually living in Coomera, 4209, my husband works full time as a cabinet maker, my children go to coomera primary school, my youngest stays at home with me everyday as I am yet to find a childcare centre in the local area where I can feel comfortabble sending her.

If anyone out there that would like to get to no me better or just know's of a good childcare centre locally that I could look into could you please let me no.

and best of luck with your children/toddlers


Hi kylie

I'm 27 and live at Oxenford just off exit 57, and have a 3.5 half month old baby boy. Like I you don't have any family on the Gold Coast. I know my bub is probaby a little young but if you would like to meet up feel free to email me. My email addy is

[email protected]

Also I have been told that there is a lovely child care centre just next to Dreamworld. We are thinking of sending zac there when he is older but have yet to check it out.



3year old wonderful little helper

Hi Kylie

I live in Elanora and have a 4 year old and 6 month old I am 34. My husbands family live on the coast but we have nothing to do with them. My family live 2 1/2 hours away. I am just about to return to work after 7 months off after having my daughter. I am placing her into family day care maybe you could look into that. My email address is [email protected] it would be good to get to know some other mums on the coast.

Cindy, Qld, 4Yo & 6mnth old

Hello Kylie,
my name is Belinda i'm 30yrs and have had 4 children with 3 surviving children, Maddison is 6 in August, Zoe (in heaven 8/7/02, Lleyton 3 next month and Ellie almost 18 months. I live in Brisbane and am a stay home mum, any time you want to chat just contacy me.

Belinda,Qld,3 children(1 in heaven)

Hi Kylie,

My name is Niki and I live at Nobbys Beach, I am
35 years old and have a 23 month old boy named kobi, my partner is in the construction business, and I am stay at home mum.
Feel free to contact me at anytime for a chat
My email is [email protected] as we
do not know many people with toddlers either.


Niki mother of Kobi nearly 3 and Kiana Irie

Hi Kylie my name is Tracey and I am 24 years old and I have a daughter and her name is Jaye and she is 13 months old and my partner is electrical and he works full time and has been working away for the last 4 months.

We live at Mouth Cotton in bayside and we own our house.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

Hi Kylie,
My name is Tanya and i live at Arundel. I have a hairdressing salon at Helensvale. Im there 3 days a week. I Have a baby boy named Rhyse.
He is nearly 4 months now (how time flys)
My husband is a sign writter and he works full time also. You have not got long now till the new bub's arrives. Do you know what your havin?
Where did you live before you moved to the coast?
Feel free to add me to your msn and contact me
[email protected]

Good luck

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