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May 2004 Toddlers - About to turn "2" what are they up to now? Lock Rss

Hi all,

How are all the May 2004 Babies (well should say Toddlers now) all doing? They are all nearly about to turn "2"!!! Are you planning parties for them and what are they all up to lately??

My boy Christopher will turn "2" on 1st May so just over a week to go for his birthday we are having a "Bob the Builder" party for him on 29th April with all his little friends as he is a mad Bob Fan
He is starting to get into those terrible 2 stage where he will not listen and throws many tantrums.
But most of the time he is a loving little boy and just growing up way too fast!!

He loves to climb on just about everything he can, he is still having 2 bottles of milk a day as he still seems to love his bottles, he is a fussy eater and hates fruit and vegies the only veg I will get into him is peas and corn, he has a dummy for bedtime only. He weighs 12kgs now and is almost 90cms long.

He is still in a cot but soon we'll be putting him into a bed as we are having another baby this year so want to get him settled into a new room and bed well before the new bub comes along. He is talking quite a bit more lately and can say alot of words now which is good as he got a bit delayed due to him having numerous ear infections but since he had his Grommet operation in Oct 05 he has really picked up in all areas so its been a great improvement for him.

Anyway would love to hear from you all that have May 04 toddlers and see how they are all going.

Hey Haley,
how's the pregancy going??
Can you believe our bub's will be 2 next week!! foley's birthday being 2 days after Christopher's.. i decided to do a Elmo party as h loves Elmo and will call out "ELMO" when ever we see him in the shops!! hehe we will be just having Family over for the party as he doesn't know many little

Foley has settled into his big bed and new room well, seems so long ago we did all was only in january.. He still has 2 cups of milk a day(one in morning and one b4 bed) and has his puppy, that he called "cuboow", as his comfort for bedtime.. He loves to "read" books, and just like christopher, climbs on everything!!
His fav food would have to be fruit.. he loves rockmelon, watermelon, oranges, apples, strawberries.. pretty much all the fruit i give him..
He now weighs 14kg and is 90cms, gonna be a big boy like his daddy.. his dad is 6'3..

Hope Christophers party and Birthday go well..
Until later..

Foley 03/05/04, Corbin 13/04/07

Hi there!

My little girl, Emily, turns 2 on the 20th May. We are planning on having a family bbq on the saturday and on the friday morning I'm just having some friends and their little kids over (who are around the same age as Emily) for morning tea and cake.

Emily is mad keen on Playschool and in the last week has also fallen in love with Dorothy the Dinosaur from the Wiggles (how is beyond me as she doesn't like to watch the Wiggles).

She has 2 cups of milk a day - morning and just before bed) and sometimes I try and squeeze another one in with her afternoon tea. We decided to get rid of her dummy about a 6wks ago as she would only take 1 particular one - couldn't even fool her with a new one that was exactly the same - so we figured rather than be up the proverbial creek if she ever lost her favourite dummy, we'd take her off it on our terms. But once we bought her a Humpty Dumpty from the Playschool concert, "num num" was never even thought of again! She also has a favourite toy - a pink and white Lamb - that she always has to go to sleep with. Oh yeah, and she has a baby doll - Bubba - that she loves and takes everywhere - she's such a little mother!!

Emily too is a fussy eater, and like Christopher loves peas and corn. For some reason she spits pumpkin out now (used to love everything) and isn't that fussed on mashed potato either, but will eat chips till they come out her ears!! She is also well and truly into her terrible 2's and throws tanties if she doesn't get her way. (Don't we all just love those!!) But on the whole she is a loving and great little kid, just very strong willed. I'm pretty slack - I haven't weighed or measured her since she was 18mths. I'm planning on doing that when she turns 2.

She has 11 teeth - we were very late starting with them!! She has 2 on top, 4 on bottom, 4 molars and her 3rd on top has just come through. (We also don't like to do things in order!) And at this stage we plan on moving her out of her cot around christmas. Also plan on toilet training when winter is over. She is talking more and more every day and putting words together eg: red car when she sees one drive by. She can tell you colours if you point to them. But most of the time she gabbles away in her own language.

Well, I think I've rambled on long enough! Sorry it's so long - I got a bit carried away thinking of all the stuff she's accomplished!!! You're right - they do grow up way too fast!

Good luck with your pregnancy. Hope it all goes smoothly for you.

Take care,
My daughter Alexandra will be 2 on the 14th of May.
We're only having a few friends round nothing to big but we did order our baby girl a HI5 cake.
Not too sure how tall Ally is now but all i can say is i think shes guna b pretty big.
She's sooo energetic. Loves helping me vacuum or wash dishes.
She gets her step stool while im washing up and grabs a sponge and i give her plastic stuff to wash.
Ally still drinks bout 2-4 bottles a day, eats almost anything you give her, especially sweets or fruit salad, and drinks plenty of juice and special toddler milk. She still has a dummy for comfort here and there but otherwise is good and well.

Sam, NSW, Mum to Alexandra (14/5/04)

HI all,how r we all?im sure alll our toddlers have turned 2 by now,tylers birthday was the 5th of may (i cant belive he is 2 already) we had a small party as we have just moved and havent met any kids tylers age,he like christopher loves bobthebuilder,and has heaps of bob stuff,ummm we r at the moment toilet training him and he is doing great with it,lol he never stops talking,im not sure how much he weighs but going to the nurse very soon.he eats every thing that is given to him loves corn lol, has been in a bed for a while now and has no problem going to sleep,has a milk bottle at night and some times at lunch time,has a dummy only when going to bed and also has a special teddy that goes every where with him.has all his teeth,but not that much hair has been great hearing all about the may toddlers hope to stay in touch with u all,till then take care bye for now huggs and kisses to u all.

susan,vic, tyler 3 yrs old

Hi All i'm new to this site i also have alittle one born in may ihave a little girl named alanah and she is like other kids that have older siblings. I also have 2boys aswel and they are holy terriors but you get that.The boys ages are 41/2 and 3 years old. My daughter alanah has a cousin 10 days older than her and a friend 8 days younger than her and she gets along with then really well.

chantal luke

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