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Three male cousins 6 weeks apart! Lock Rss

Hi I'm a proud mum of two kids and my youngest turns 1 on 24/5, that's not all. My first nephew was 1 on 15/4 and my second nephew is 1 on 19/5. We all live in the same town in NSW and have decided on having a combined first birthday.
I would like to know if anyone thinks that it is a silly idea because we've been told by a family member that we shouldn't do it and that it's unfair to the boys. We think it'll be great and all of the family that don't live in town will be able to come because they won't have to make three trips in such a short period of time, also they are one! We don't expect them to have a combined birthday every year of their lives unless when they get older they decide they'd like to. I'd just like to know what other mums think about the situation...

Kylie, girl 15/10/02 boy 24/05/05

Hey there,

My DS and his cousin were born 2 weeks apart and we had a combined 1st birthday party on the middle weekend last year so all the family could get together and didnt have to do it twice in 2 weeks.

I thought it was a great idea, especially as i had a 10 day old baby!

We had a cake here at home and gave him his presents on his birthday.

Now i have the delima of my youngests first and middles second birthdays being 9 days apart - think ill go combined again - it makes sense to me and they arent missing out on anything and you dont have to go to 3 partys too which has to be a bonus!! Plus they will always have their own special actual birthday day.

Let me know how it goes!!
Hi I don't think there is anything wrong with it at all. Maybe when they get a bit older separate ones could be nice but at one they really don't understand the whole thing and will have a great time together. I say combined is a great idea.
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