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We are just about to have our 1st 1st birthday and was wondering if there was anyone out there who can give me some ideas on what to do. How long did the party go for? What food did you serve? no. people? etc.

i can not believe how quicky this 12 months has gone it only feels like yeaterday I was buying my 5th pregnancy test just to realllly make sure I was pregnant!!!!

Anyway I would really appreciate any input.


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for my sons first birthday we did a brunch with our friends it was really nice we had cake after we ate. We didn't know many people with children so we made it into a bit more of an adult thing. it was a great way to celebrate hubby and I getting through the first year and our little man.

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HYA! good to see someone in the same vote! Unfortuantely I made the mistake of inviting 26 people! We are going to have choccy crackles, cake(of course), party pies,sausage rolls, frankfurts, sausages, slices, chips for the adults..and they'll BYO drinks as well!
Ive also asked people who have agreed to come to bring some food! (mum is making the choccy crackles) Just to ease the pressure!
We will prob decorate the backyard with balloons!
We are having it at 1.30pm (after Joels nap so then he will be in a good mood)
Hopefully it will settle down at say...5ish! as this is Joels bath time!
I think I have gone a little overboard! I have no idea what to get him for his birthday! As one particular nanna bought the thing I wanted to get him AFter i told her I was planning to get it for Joels birthday! (thank god she got it though cause it turned out to be a bloody waste of money...and noisy!)
BUT STILL! that is not the point!
I hope this helps everyone. I am going to a 1st birthday this weekend! They are having it at the park! I guess less mess to clean up then! ay!

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Had our little fella's 1st bday on Saturday. It was so much fun! Went from 11-1pm and mostly just adult friends and family with a couple of bubs. Birthday boy loved seeing everyone and playing with new toys and books.

Hubby made a birthday cake in shape of a 1 (we made a double batch and baked in a lamington tin, then cut to shape. Easy!) and iced with green icing with smarties around the border.

We gave out party bags to the little ones - with a toy mobile phone, a whistle, balloon and a couple of other things (check out Spotlight's party section - heaps of fun stuff there!)

Great fun had by all. Best thing - with so many would-be baby sitters around, mum and dad could get on with the partying!

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