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  5. first birthday,i need help i have no idea what so ever helppppp

first birthday,i need help i have no idea what so ever helppppp Lock Rss

im starting early on ollies bday but im stuck with ideas i want to get him something that he can keep forever something special i have no clue,im open to all ideas.i have a swing for him already but i also want something special rhys and i have been thinking for ages and nothing mmm helppp!!!!

Oliver My Number One Lil Guy 17.08.05

hi try and find a poem and non toxic paints and paint his hands and feet, get him to put his hands +feet on the paper and frame it. great mothers day gift too!) if he likes cars try a tonka truck one of the old metal ones as they last for years. i want to find one for my son. or go to stichesand craft and buy a bear kit and make him a teddy he can eventually pass on to his son or daughter!
hopefully i've helped.
if u have a video camera u can ask each individual person to say a message for your son. i did that for my daughter on her first birthday. its something u can keep for ever and show him when he turns 18. or sooner if u wish.

philippa mum of Charley chicken

Hi Youngyummymummy.

Hows the planning going ? smile Just thought I would mention something i did for my sons first birthday. I brought a Signiture Bear and passed it around to all of the adults ( and older kids ) for them to write a birthday message on. Its obviously not something they would play with but it is a great keep sake and looks cute sitting on a shelf in his room. Some people wrote lovely birthday messages and its great to look back on. If you didnt want a Bear you could get a signiture Book instead.

Goodluck smile

kelly, NSW

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