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My baby boy turned 1 today Lock Rss

I know it's sounds strange but I feel a little sad that my DS#2 turned 1 today, we had a little party with my mums and bubs group ( we all have 3 year olds)and now the boys are in bed and asleep ( yay!) and DH has gone out to watch the rugby . I was just flicking through DS#2 photo album and year book and looking at how much he has changed from when he was born to today crawling around chasing the other kids tongue
awwww *tear* my son is 17 months. hes my first and it was a very emotional day sad they grow up way too fast. i wish i never taught my little one to walk and talkj lol tongue but on the positive side its such an amazing time to watch what you created growing up into a proper little man smile he will always be your special little guy no matter what smile
omg im so sorry i forgot to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY smile
Not strange at all hun. I cried when ds1 reached every milestone! Cried when he went from basinette, cried when he rolled, cried when he started eating solids, cried when he walked, cried when he said his first word, and yep you guessed it, cried when he turned 1! lol. Yep I'm a self confessed sook. Now DS2 is 3 months old and I'm doing it all over again. They just grow up way to darn fast. Hope your little man had a wonderful birthday!

Thankyou !!!!Yeah we had a lovely day, I also am a self confessed sook - I just wiped away a couple of tears just before grin I don't think I was this bad with DS #1 ( he's nearly 3 in July, if he makes it and thats another story lol laugh )I now understand what muy dad said when he was alive ( he passed away 6 years ago tomorrow sad ) as I was the youngest in our family and I was always his "baby" even when I had grown up.
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