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Hi there,

My 9month old boys first cousin is turning 1 next weekend (on Mothers Day) and I desperately need some interesting birthday present ideas. We don't regularly see the family so I don't know what they do/don't have, so a unique gift idea would be appreciated.

Thanks so much experienced Mummies,

From an amateur Mummy...

Michelle,Connor,Jai 2/7/08

What about a time capsule? I have these for both of my babies and decided to seal them on their 1st birthdays.You could put a 2006 coin,front page of a major newspaper,a letter from you saying what you are doing in life and what you hope for your future etc,and maybe the parents can add little thing from the first year,I decided to seal mine until their 21st birthdays.
Also in mine I put the going home outfit from hospital,a photo of the first house they lived in and both of mine had books in them to fill out with the price of milk,cars,houses,movies etc.I think it will make interesting reading in 20 years.

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