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Ideas for baptism gifts? Lock Rss

Hi I am going to a 20 month old boy and a 6 month old girls baptism only a week apart and just wondering what ideas you may have for gifts? They are both friends of mine's children. Just wasn't sure what people normally give? Thanks!
It really depends on how much money you are going to spend, but here are some ideas. Both my little boys got thousands of bunnykins plate and mug sets, so I always avoid giving those for a christening lol!
Here are some other ideas;
Money Box (although we just christened our son and got 4 of these!)
Coin set of the year they were born (you can get these from aus post)
Swaroviski Crystals
Cufflings (for a boy)
Any kind of jewellery for a girl - bracelet, charm, necklace, brooch
Cutlery set
Egg Cup
Book and teddy set ie, possum magic, hungry caterpillar
For both my daughters'christenings they received gifts such as jewellery, and keepsakes like money boxes, and 1st curl containers, brushes and comb sets, all those specialised types of gifts that can be engraved (the silvery ones IYKWIM). My Mum got a really nice book of nursery rhymes and wrote on the inside of it for one of them. Oh, and photo frames, or albums. And bunnykins dinner set stuff (Royal Doulton - the good stuff!)

I think as long as they can keep them, as mementos of the occasion, thats what matters.

3 girls are enough...the shop is now shut!

When our God son was baptised we gave him a nice hard cover book of Bible stories that I got from Dymocks.
He he, I'm going to say the opposite of what lovemylittlemen said!! smile

When DD was christened we got about 4 money boxes so I'd suggest not buying one of those! The best gifts we got were those bunnykins plate/bowl/cup sets and cutlery. We don't have the space to store a lot of "pretty" things so I appreciated things we could use.

I used my bunnykins bowl from my own christening as a kid and we're now using it for DD!
Thanks Ladies some great ideas it really helps!!! smile
im a mummy of twins and as i didnt and couldnt reply on social welfare (centrelink) i started my own business and as i was going through baby clothing like nappies smile i started off my own baby clothing business online
but i sincerely have tried to keep prices down to a minimum and postage free for orders over $30,
i found that after i market researched via my other mummy / daddy friends that free postage in australia for orders over $30 was a good deal.
i f you like check it out, there are tuxedo rompers and beautiful girl outfits and present gifts for under $10 and there is nothing over $50 and thats like a 4 piece tuxedo boys suit.
i have also trialled all the clothing on my babiesm have 1 of each (twin 22 month olds).
i found after shopping online and instore baby clothing and gifts were so over priced for events so you may find an out fit or gift for your event on my site.
hope that helps and hope i havent offended anyone by promoting my site,
im just a mum trying to keep it together, keep it in australia and support my home, my country and help out other parents buy affordable and stylis clothing smile
Thanks Sue+2 for that will check it out smile
Little bit late, but still, for those who have the same problem and are looking for the same questions and answers we did, when having the same problem..
Half year ago, we bought this: blue medailon for my best-friend's son and ordered it in silver. Quick delivering and communication - good personal experience, I can recommend smile
Hey Guys, There's some cute ideas here
The colorful balls set is best idea to gift because babies like dark colors and attract towards them.
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