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Wedding present ideas please Lock Rss

One of my close friends is getting married in a couple of months and I have no idea what to get her for a wedding present. They already live together, are both around 40-ish, and he's been married before. They basically have everything they need so I'm at a loss! Working with a budget of about $50 though so that makes it hard too ....
What about a personalised cake tray/plate. Have a look at ensparkle ceramics.
I bought one for two of my friends for their weddings & they loved it.
Good luck!!

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what if you get a really nice card and put $50 in it.

when i got married i asked for donations, as we had everything and lived together. at the end of the wedding, i found all the donations actually paid for the catering.

just an idea if all else fails. also ask her what type of things she wants. i got swamped with beautiful photoframes, unfortuneately there is only somany places to hang them

You could buy some towels (target have good sets at a great price) maybe even get their first name stitched on each (doesn't cost much if only use first name), maybe a candle set they can use for special occasions, from the store 'dusk' they have some great things there, maybe a wine glass set (if they like a drink) one for him and her, some gift shops have some beautiful glass sets for these occasions grin

The list is endless. I'm only suggesting these as this is what were given as wedding gifts and I can say I was absolutely thrilled with them, and have been used lots....except the candle set, long gone smile

Good luck, I hope you find something special

For my wedding, my sister gave us our wedding cake knife. We used this to cut our wedding cake and it comes out for special occasions such as birthdays, christenings, etc. You can pick up some very reasonable priced ones from peters of kensington or vic's basement.
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