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My oldest is 14yrs old tomorrow Lock Rss

His fourteen at 8.23pm tomorrow night.
I'm planning on cooking him pancakes for breakfast in the morning

I have presents at home already includes
Xbox games
PlayStation portable. Games
Scooter with ripstick. End

Plus getting his first football Jersey (bulldogs) of layby in the morning.

Taken him out for lunch. Pizza hut, Chinese, Thai. Or picnic in the park his choice.

He doesn't want party or friends over

Will go for walk with him so can ride new scooter

(Were. Going to go ten pin Bowling but that's 100kms & taken him to his favorite swimming pool. 160kms away . Bathurst then orange on way back.
but car is not safe to drive so had to change plans .

I really want his birthday to special
Any other ideas

Wondering. How old your oldest is? ???
Happy birthday. To your child to lielou.

Certainly does cost more as they get older.

Thanks I hope he has great also
Happy Birthday Cory!!!!
I hope he has a wonderful day.
Are you making a cake? If so what sort?

My eldest is 7 and her birthday is in April! Not sure what I'll get her she keeps changing her mind what she wants.
I will buy a cake.

Most likely. Get Cory to pick which one he wants
Thanks everyone for wishing. Cory a happy birthday.

Just made arrangements with his dad Cory gets to go out for birthday dinner. Lucky his dad willing pick up and return Cory due my car situation.
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