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Please share your cake decorating secrets with me :) Lock Rss

Hi everyone smile

My eldest dd is turning 8 in April. This year I want to make a fancy cake for her thats nicely decorated instead of her usual either store bought or my poor effort at decorating.
She hates butter in the icing so was wondering what sort of icing you all do.
I was thinking maybe butterfly, fairy or princess theme.
I would love it if you could share any cake decorating tips or secrets you may have( I won't tell anyone the secrets laugh )

Thanks in advance smile
if she doesnt like butter icing buy some of the betty crocker pre-made vanilla frosting. its in a canister in the baking section in most supermarkets, its easy to spread if you chill it first and use the back of a butter knife dipped in hot water to spread it over the cake.

also try haveing a look around for a womans weekly kids cake book, they have some awesome and really easy cake ideas wink

the rolled icing is also great for decorating and you can roll it out and cut out shapes (flowers hearts etc and stick them onto the frosting while its still soft)

anothe tip is if you need to cut a cake to shape lightly brush the cake with a pastry brush to remove some of the crumbs and do a thin layer of icing (it will be a bit messy) set the icing in the fridge then do another neater layer of icing over top, and stick any lollies etc intot he icing straight away so the icing sticks them on. ill try and upload some that ive made
I did a Wilton cake course earlier this year, and the main thing is that it is all about the texture of the icing. Although in saying that, it was buttercream icing so it might not be the thing for your DD.
I made this cake for my DD's 3rd birthday:

A trick is to freeze the cake before you carve it into shape. If you are using bits of cake then glue them on with icing (I didn't and it fell apart when we cut it!!). you can cover the cake with icing then roll out fondant icing and lay it over the top. Use cornflour to roll it out in as icing sugar is too sticky.
If you just want a cake with a picture on top, then you can find a picture online (go for a simple one - like a colouring book picture) then trace it onto baking paper, go over the image with writing icing (clear or white) then lay it on the top of your already iced cake. Then you should have a copy of the picture on top of the cake, you can then fill it in with icing. Good luck!! Also remember even if it doesn't look perfect, it will taste delicious <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>
damn it!! <span class="emoticon blink">blink</span> <span class="emoticon angry">angry</span> stupid computers why wont the damn photos work?
ill just give you the link for my photobucket album
Thanks so much Nodrog and Gypsy Kylz smile You are both very talented smile
Gypsy Kylz what does the Betty Crocker icing taste like? Is it very sweet? Thanks for the tip about rolling fondant icing out with cornflour. So many ideas just need to bring them all together. I saw a recipe for a rainbow layered cake yesterday where there was lots of different coloured layers so thourght I may do that if I didn't go a shaped cake. If I go a shaped cake then I might go a vanilla sponge or chocolate sponge. Any tips on the best sort of cake for making shaped cakes?

Thanks again smile
i use a butter cake mix most of the time, the kids always like it, i might be a bit more adventurous when theyre older lol. but just a normal vanilla cake is good to, dont go for layer cakes to shape (it can be done but only if your confident with it, same with cakes that have jam etc in them)but really you can shape any firm/ normal cake, crumbly ones like carrot cake or sponge cake can be a bit tricky to ice too.

the betty crocker icing is quite sweet, and tastes like vanilla. but ive added strawberry essance before and that was yummo smile can colour it really easy too. its not too expensive about $6 for a tub but i normally have left over after ive done the cake, i use it up on cupcakes wink
Thanks Gypsy Kylz Very much appreciated for your help. Yeah I was thinking if I did a layer cake it would be just a round one and then I'd just decorate the top. But I think my dd would love a shaped one. She told me she wants a special cake to which I replied aren't your birthday cakes usually special and she was like yes mum but you can do so much better laugh laugh

Thanks smile smile smile
Gypsy Kylz I LOVE that poodle cake!! Very cool smile
Thanks 3littlemen for your reply smile

While I was out yesterday I looked at the cake decorating area of the supermarket and saw the betty crocker tubs and the roll out fondant but I'm thinking the betty crocker tubs look great and so convenient. I also saw the writing icing and thought that would be great for writing dd's name etc. Next week I'll go to the party supply shop and see what mini icing cake decorations they have.
Thanks again
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