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Ideas 4 YO Lock Rss


just after some thoughts on party ideas for 4 year old


I just hate trying to organise things but think I should this year :S
Its my daughters 4th bday this year too...I am due at the same time with my 3rd baby but i am not a big fan of all out bday parties so we are going to pick a low maintenance park (hopefully fenced, within their age group etc) I will do a 9am-11am party so i will just do a fruit plate and probably some healthy muffins and obviously the bday cake. The kids can have a play have something to eat and we can all go home...We wont be doing games, ill keep them for older years and drinks will be water.
Yep im the boring, low maintenance mum!

Apologies for my replies, hope they make sense. I am usually typing one handed or interrupted halfway through wink


i just had my daughters 4th bday party yesterday. she wanted a penguin theme party.

food - was just snacky sort of stuff: Chips, lemingtons, mini cupcakes, lollies.

Drinks - Blue cordial to go with the theme

Games - I had a facepainter who also did balloon twisting, played pass the parcel and pin the bowtie on the penguin. the kids also got a chance to play.

the kids barely touched the food
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