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Lilah's first birthday party Lock Rss

With a smile like that she'll be able to charm anyone!

Looks like a great party! Lilah is adorable smile
Happy 1st birthday miss L... She has the most gorgeous cheeky smile smile

Happy birthday to your cute DD. Looks like it was a great party smile
Cuteness alright! smile
Happy birthday Lilah, looks like a fabulous day.

She is definately cuteness smile

Mr J (April 2005) Miss Z (Feb 2007) and Miss O (Oct 2010)

Aw so lovely! First birthday parties are awesome!!!! So many smiles smile

Aw, she is cute. Looks like it was a great party, happy birthday to Miss L. smile
Belated birthday wishes from me...


She is so gorgeous Mims! Looks like she had a wonderful 1st birthday. She kinda reminds me of a little lady I know with the same name wink (similar big, blue eyes!). You looked really lovely on her birthday too hun! xo

Oh and I'm going to keep those table decorations in mind for my little one's 1st bday, they're really pretty! smile

Happy Birthday Lilah!! Have you thought back much to this time last year Mimsy?
On DS bday DH and I were like 'OMG about this time I was saying I was going to die' etc LOL smile

Damn I missed it!!! I haven't been on all weekend. Hope Lilah enjoys all of her present! We are just having a small 1st birthday (dd is 11 months today!!) because we had a big Christening back in September.

We had a wedding on the weekend and DD coped surprisingly very well, so I think our girls are just growing up and getting better at dealing with hustle and bustle. DD was even waving her arms around to the music as the bridal party entered the room, and it was really really loud so I thought she'd be scared but she loved it. DH was in the bridal party and when she saw him she was grinning from ear to ear. smile

*Mimsy wrote:
Thanks tigerlily! wub Actually, not belated at all as she is one today! Can't believe it. gasp


Oh, yay, right on time then wink I hope she has a lovely day today too smile

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