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So my DP and i couldnt help it, we cant wait to celebrate his birthday and this is such a milestone for all of us being our first child we decided to celebrate his half birthday.

but im having a little trouble deciding on a cake design and if i should serve adult bbq food or mix it up and kinda have kids birthday party food? what does evreyone else think?
I've never heard of anyone celebrating a half birthday. So your going to have cake and a party like you would for the 1st birthday? Then do it all again in 6 months time?
for us it was more gunna be like a family get together where we kinda just celebrate the first six months of his life so yeah its not going to be all big and all out (we are saving that for his 1st birthday) but just something to commemerate the time really.

and cupcakes would be cool but between luca, the housework and my shoulder injury ive kinda thought it might be better just to make a simple wee cake like this one
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