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Im thinking about making a cake along the lines of this for DS birthday:

The icing used is fondant aye?! And any advice for how to ice using fondant?! How do you do a circle cake like that and not have lumps/cracks?! Ive never actually used fondant before, only ever done butter cream icing so any advice would be greatly appreciated... Im just ordering some things from a cake shop now so would love to know if I need to order anything else.....
I kinda had the same idea/understanding 80s baby but my nervousness is over when you then lie the circle of fondant ontop of the cake (having rolled it out smooth) there will surely be lumps down the sides where the fondant doesnt sit right IYKWIM - kinda like when you roll pastry out and put in a circular dish and then have it going up the sides you have to squish some of it together as it overlaps on the sides....

Dunno if Im making any sense..... Lol.
Use tylose powder, careful not to use too much or fondant will crack, make sure to have some kremelta shortening on hand and use it one your hands so fondant is not sticky, gum paste is just tylose powder and water mixed use this to glue your decorations to your cake

smile good luck looks like fun to make

We are told to forgive and forget, but if we forget what we forgave then isn't forgiveness pointless?

Lol. I was thinking t looked like a cool, but not overly complicated cake so shouldnt be too hard.... Now Im starting to doubt my decision and get nervous over how long it might take me! Lol. I have always been too nervous to try fondant but decieded it couldnt be that hard and that that cake looked easy enough as all I had to do was cover with fondant then cut the decorations with cookie cutters and stick on.... Now Im not so sure. Hahaha!
Also look on trade me that is where i get alot of my cake decorating supplies from as they are quite cheap.
Tylose powder is super expensive from spotlight so thats best to get from a cake supplies shop.

This is my local cake decorating shop, but they do most of their trade online and send the owner lindy is great with advice as well smile

We are told to forgive and forget, but if we forget what we forgave then isn't forgiveness pointless?

OK, so blue fondant in a circle just bigger than the size of the cake, smoothed out, stretched and smoothed down the sides.... Then cut decorations for the side from black fondant and stick using gum paste?! Then cut green circle and place on top, again sticking with gum paste?! Then Dinosaurs for the top (I think theyre upright using toothpics coz if you look carefully on the 5 I can see a toothpick) With some special stuff to stiffen the fondant?! Lol.
So I need fondant - do I buy in different colours or....?!
And a smoother....
And tylose powder for making some gum paste?! is that correct?! Lol. Im scared now! Hahaha!
If you want really rich colours its best to buy already coloured fondant other wise white fondant and gel paste food colouring.

Tylose powder 2 uses add to fondant dinosaurs to make them harden and to make gum paste to glue decorations
a large no stick rolling pin.
A scalpel or super sharp knife
Fondant smoother
Kremelta or vegetable shortening this you can get from super market down the oil aisle

And imagination smile

We are told to forgive and forget, but if we forget what we forgave then isn't forgiveness pointless?

You will have so much fun! Dont be scared, it will be great! smile

We are told to forgive and forget, but if we forget what we forgave then isn't forgiveness pointless?

Lol 80s baby. Ive never done a trial run for any of my cakes before but Im getting stressed now! Lol.

Only one I kinda ended up with a trial run was coz after spending all night making and icing it (was a 2 tiered merry go round I made for DDs 5th, I had also organised a petting zoo etc to come for a fair themed party and was the hardest cake Ive ever done), anyway, 3am on the day of the party and it was finally good to go so I headed to bed only to be "woken" by DD before I even got there throwing up. I then spent the remainder of the night getting up and down and changing bedsheets (x3) before postponing the party the next morning and of course having to redo the cake when we had her party a month later eventually. Lol. And it never looked as good as the first time round so I was gutted! Lol.
Lol Thanks buggiemama. I have gel colours (from making DD a rainbow layered cake for her last birthday and I wanted the colours to be bright so got the gel ones). Lol. So wondering if Im better off using that. Otherwise Im going to end up with lots of leftover fondant too... Lol.. Thanks for that. Those are required toold huh?! Bugger, hadnt wanted to spend a fortune on it! Lol.
Lol. I know. Partys are so damn expensive. Lol. I have always just done butter cream and used tools I already have in my kitchen to do the cakes. Thought, other than having to buy the fondant this cake would be the same... :s Hahaha, shows how naive I am huh?!
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