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1st birthday guest list getting out of control. Lock Rss

I need some advice. I wanted a small party at our house for my daughters 1st birthday. The damn guest list is getting out of control. Hubby wants his extended family invited because he thinks (and he's right) that they will be more involved in her life than my extended family, but it's going to start a war if I don't invite mine. Then there's the friends that should be invited and now my small gathering has turned into a near wedding event. It's nuts! My house has 0 room for these people. What do I do????????
Have a park party. Find a park with BBQ facilities and just supply sausages and buns (and birthday cake!) ask everyone to pack a picnic of anything else they'd like and drinks.
That's why I don't have parties for the kids! It gets out of control. Having said that, for DS1 1st birthday we just told everyone we would be at a local bar/restaurant between a certain time (we booked an area), I made cupcakes, we got a few platters of party food and put a bar tab on for a coffee/juice/whatever. The venue had some boxes of toys for the littlies. People just came at different times, had a drink and some food then left. Bar cleaned it all up, it was great!

Definitely a park. Some parks you can book sheltered seating areas through your council. My friend has hers in one that had a huge sheltered seating area and I think she had to pay $100 to reserve it, some parks are free though you have to get there super early.
I would make finger food and bring a few eskies of drinks. Tell people to bring a plate and byo alcohol (imo softdrinks, water and juice are cheap enough to supply and whats a party when your guests have to bring everything?)
Take some sports equipment, balls, cricket set etc. People will have fun and hardly any cleaning.

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