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"Frozen" party ideas please .... Lock Rss

OK, OK, I know I could buy a heaps of stuff already made from the shops but am hoping to keep costs down as BOTH my daughters want a frozen party this year!!! One is turning 4, the other 8. So hit me with your ideas of things I could make myself/decorate/play at these parties. Thanks.
I'd do a white, silver and blue theme smile

Can you do an activity where they make their own snow mans? Like with marshmallows for the bodies and lollies for its eyes and arms etc.

Stick the nose on the snowman? (I can't remember his name! Alof?!?!)

I'm trying to think what you could use to 'hang' snow from fishing line...foam or something?! Don't know if foam would work...Cotton wool? Or silver star type stuff that you can buy from cheap shops that can be used to wrap could hang that around...Do you know that stuff I mean???

Hang snow flakes made from foil like bunting type thing?

Make your own necklace/bracelet with silver, white and blue beads? Or you could put that in a little cello bag in their party bag!

Make your own white, silver and blue pom poms out of tissue paper to hang. Super quick, easy and cheap!!! Do you know the type I mean?

Buy some bubble bath, colour it blue and glitter and put it in little bottles for party bags?

Blue jelly with silver sprinkles on top? Put the spinkles on at the last minute though as they prob will discolour the jelly...Or those silver little balls...You know the ones I mean?

I've seen bottles of water that have a label "Melted snow water" with a picture of the snowman...
This is pretty cool and cheap and easy!!! I would do blue and white fairy floss though myself to keep my I mean YOUR theme!!! haha!
And I'd just do it in small plastic cups and put some silver edible sparkle on top too....

And this:

Sorry...I kinda enjoy themed birthday parties.....
Don't apologise mummsy, love the ideas and keep em coming! I figure the more ideas the better as I'd love to go all out, but could probably spend a couple of hundred dollars on decorations alone if I'm not careful!
Oh gosh, I have downloaded this free frozen party kit...It has cake toppers, invites etc in it...PM me and I'll email it to you!
Ok, thats it. I'm going to stop otherwise I'll just spend all day doing this!!! smile

I wish it was DDs birthday now... smile
Would looooooove that kit mummsy but I'm a bit naive. How do I send you a message?
knockonwood wrote:
Would looooooove that kit mummsy but I'm a bit naive. How do I send you a message?

I've just sent a request to follow me...if you follow me then you can message me and send your email smile
Thanks mummsy. Just messaged you, hopefully it worked!
I've seen lots of good ideas on Pinterest if you're on there!

I did a winter wonderland theme for dds birthday one year. Can't remember everything we did off the top of my head at the mo but one game we did was kinda pass the parcel with a "snowball". I put water in a small balloon and froze it. Then I took the balloon off once it was frozen. They played pass the parcel except if they were holding it when the music stopped they were out...
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