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I know Im probably pushing my luck here as not many of you have children this old but anyway, wondered if anyone had any bright suggestions for presents for a 10 year old girl. DDs birthday is just before xmas (a while away still I know) and I have absolutly NO idea what to buy her. I have a few thoughts for DS (3 years) and am sure I will find a few bits and bobs here and there for him too but DD is sooooo hard.

Im thinking for xmas from us they get a trampoline as a joint present for our holiday home. So thats probably about all I'll get them for xmas from us. But I still need santa ideas and birthday ideas.... :s
I don't know if its too old school, but CDs and a wee boom box? Or subsequently an iPod nano of you're that way inclined. Craft sets that make jewellery etc if she's into that kind of thing. Nail polish sets or decorations. Something specific she's wanted for a while? Clothes.. Ask her? Books,.

my brother's 10th birthday I think was when I started giving him money which he always used for Lego or nerf stuff. He's 12 this year, and I'm making him a quilt as its something he wants. Def gets harder as they get older!

I'm thinking some jewellery for her birthday. Like a charm bracelet perhaps?! Something special. She doesn't have her ears pierced and isn't allowed for a few years yet so that's out. Also don't want her to have a phone or anything. She doesn't seem to be overly into music.

Jewellery kits, nail polish etc would be good but I feel she has a few of those already so don't really want more iykwim. I will ask her, but for Santa stuff that's a little harder as I like those to be a surprise as (I think) she still believes! It's soooo much harder the older she gets! Lol.

She loves loves loves books but she has DH & my old kindle now so new books is also kinda out of the question.

Argh! Thanks tho.
I have no ideas but just jumping on to say - 10 - wow!!!

I like the charm bracelet idea. What about books for the kindle?

Does she need anyting like a netball? outdoor stuff rollerblades/ skateboard?

girls day out with mum?

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Ohhhh I was gonna say books too. My sister was 10 in October and I bought her a couple of classic books that they have re-printed.

Oh! For Christmas last year I got her one of those kits you use to grow your own crystals. That was a real hit. Good luck finding something!

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I think the idea of a charm bracelet is really nice and if you start out with just a few charms you can then have a charm for it as part of her present each year from now on.

My mum did up scrapbooks (literal scrapbooks, not scrapbooking tongue ) with our birthday cards and wrote down what everyone gave us each year, just had a look through it and for my 10th birthday I got:

Fishing rod and reel (I used to love going fishing with my dad), a cross stitch tapestry thing, 2 "Little house on the ..." books, a travel sewing kit, some lollies, a wire puzzle, a basket (pretty sure this became my sewing basket and that I've got it sitting on the table next to me right now lol), a Hanky, money, a bracelet that had belonged to my grandmother (family tradition, she'd received a bracelet from her grandmother at 10yrs so did the same for me), a diary, another simple tapestry, clothes, book, soap and talc set, book mark, stickers, book voucher, beach bag, necklace, and a "baby sitters club" book.

What about craft kits like paint your own piggy bank. Or the "stained glass" window things.
Maybe some special baking things (like a cake decorating kits with lollies, and icing and things. as well as cookie cutters and other cool stuff) if she is into baking.
Clothes, a new bed spread
some nice body wash.
one of these kits. I used to love these as a kid

or a diary and some nice pens.
My sister has an 11 year old - LOVES her jewellery - Does your child like jewellery?
Maybe a necklace that she can put charms in that means something to her or to you for her?
I think something special keepsake-y is nice for 10 smile I got my ears pierced when I turned 10 .

I agree with a charm bracelet or necklace smile

Thanks guys. Open to any suggestions.
Supermummy wrote:
Thanks guys. Open to any suggestions.

At least you've got some time to think about it

If she likes crafty stuff what about a scrapbook kit with album and papers/stickers etc

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