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Is this enough food for DDs party tomorrow? Lock Rss

DD is turning 4 tomorrow and we are having the party at home. There will be 12 kids and most of them are having a parent stay too. As it's from 11am to 1pm it's for lunch too so is this enough food? Or should I do fairy bread too?

pies/sausage rolls
fruit sticks
the cake
I would do fairy bread as well. But I always think it is better to have too much than not enough or for parents to feel like they can't have something as well cos there may not be enough for the kids.
I would do more savory things like either ham and cheese sandwiches without crusts smile or Popcorn, crackers, cheese, hummus and vege sticks.

I have done hot dogs for birthdays and find it works well. A large pot with regular hot dogs or cheerios and either long rolls or buffet rolls.

I remember going to 5 yr old party where parents stayed and it was all sweet stuff expect some cheese muffins. The cheese muffins disappeared in seconds coz all the adults ate them.
this is what I did for my sons 4th birthday, he had 8 boys and their parents.
Sausage rolls
mini pizzas made on mini pita pockets
vege sticks and dip
fruit kebabs
chocolate crackles

for the parents I had
chicken/ham/salad and rolls
sausage rolls

and the cake of course.

they had a piñata filled with lollies so I didn't have any on the table for them.

I think there were 2 more things the kids had but I can't for the life of me remember what they were
I reckon forget the fairy bread and bring on another savory item such as sandwiches, pizza, cheesy muffins, corn chips and vege sticks and dip , meatballs, hot dogs, samosas, corn on the cob or even a pot of soup. Even if the kids don't want it, the parents will appreciate some real food sustenance before they take their tired and hyperactive kids home after the party!

By the way, all you New Zealand ladies: what are Cheerios? Here they are a breakfast cereal, but I assume you mean something else....
Since its tomorrow maybe something easy like cocktail francs? Mini quiches? Mini pizzas?

I always do a dip platter as I think they are popular and are a healthier option.

Hope you and your DD have a lovely party tomorrow! Can you put some pics up? Did you end up going with the frozen theme? (I hope I'm remembering correctly it was you!) smile
Cheerios are cocktail sausages/saveloys/small hot dogs. And yes we have cheerios cereal too.

Thanks for the input ladies. I ended up adding plain cheese sandwiches and the kids loved them! And it's the first party ever where I haven't had heaps and heaps of leftovers, so that was good.

Yes, mummsy you are remembering correctly! smile Except Saturday's theme was Peppa Pig for my 4 year old DD. My eldest DD will be 8 next Saturday and having the Frozen party. September is a very busy month for us!!!!

Would love to share pics, but not sure how to put them onto Huggies????
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