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Gift idea needed for friend hosting my shower Lock Rss

I'm a FTM and my friend has kindly hosted my shower. She has done everything, from invites to food and all at her own expense. It's not huge, 20 ppl, and I'm bringing some nibbles and a sandwich platter but she wont take any money towards anything else. I'm needing ideas for a present for her between $20-$100 mark, she doesn't drink alcohol and doesn't like massages etc and constantly has flowers. I'd prefer a 'gift' rather than a voucher for something that has a dollar amount on it because it feels tacky after she's not wanted any cash for it.
Please help, my baby brain wont work sad
Im not great at gift giving but maybe a nice bottle of perfume

mum to one goregous boy

I second the meal idea, or perfume, a beautiful scarf in a great colour, shout her to a haircut next time you go for yours.
Thanks so much ladies. Went with the candle idea and got some lovely stuff at Dusk. Thanks again!
Baby is on the way, so it’s time to celebrate! This is list of practical-yet adorable-gifts, every mom-to-be will want you at their baby showers.
Hello everybody. I have a problem. My best friend has asked me to host her shower and I haven't got idea what to do. I'm terrible at organizing and I'm really nervous. Could you give me some advice? I have looked online for some help and I've found some helpful information and this site was particularly helpful However, more advice would be helpful as well as some recommendations for food, drinks, presents...
Please help sad
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