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birthday dilemma - help me decide please Lock Rss

DDs b'day is in the Xmas holidays. She will be 6 this year. In the past we have her party the weekend before the last week of term. But this yr DH is working that weekend and I don't want to do it alone.
The week end before that is this coming weekend so to late the organize. And the weekend after is first day of holidays. So the risk is lots of people going away.

I want to offer her an alternative to a party like trip to movies but I don't know what coz I know she would choose a party over a movie.

We are new to the area and the other problem is families here all have either entertainment or a venue. I just don't know how a home party will be received. DD2 had a home party for her 4th this year we had it only 1.5 hr's long, and the last 20mins kids got restless and a few wanted to go home. We had 3 party games, lots of food and toys out.
You could ask her to pick a couple of friends to come over do some 'beauty' activities. Have the get together for 1.5 hours and do a foot soak, followed by nail painting and then some pretty girly snacks. Maybe a craft activity or the activity could be to make something yummy together and then eat it. Like desert pizza or decorate cupcakes...that sort of thing...
Thanks for the ideas but things have got harder.
Yeah nothing major. Just she's been invited to a party and there is a second party that she is not invited too but some of her friends are.

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