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Baptism or Christening Lock Rss

Hey everyone. Im really struggling finding a nice local church to have my baby Baptised.We would like it done by Christian faith. We live near Mt Warren Park. Has anyone had their children Baptised and can offer some information?
Probably the easiest thing to do is contact your local parish and they should have all the info you need eg church locations, dates. If you can't find the local parish number your closest Christian school should be able to help you. Not to sure about Christian baptisms but for Catholic I had to take bub to a meeting, watch a video about baptisms and the meaning, fill in some paper work and then we booked in the church and date from there.
My parish just have it included in the normal Sunday mass.

We're having our daughter baptised in my parent's local Catholic church. Didn't have to fill in any paperwork, but did have a meeting with the parish priest and have to answer some curly questions about our faith. You probably need to make some inquiries with the local churches as to what their requirements are. There are a lot of different Christian faiths, including Catholic, Uniting, Anglican, and they will all have different requirements. Some might require one of the parents to be baptised in that religion.
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