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first birthday presents dilemma Lock Rss

Hi, my little girl is only 6 months old but I've already started thinking about planning her 1st birthday. We live with my inlaws so we dont have much space (we have more stuff than space as it is) and my partner and i were thinking about opening a bank account in our daughters name and requesting deposits into that as gifts rather than toys,clothes, books etc. What ive read when other people have asked this is that it comes across as rude however we simply do not have the space for any more stuff and i dont want to request no presents because i dont want her to look back at her first birthday and see that she got nothing. I mean of course we will give her some toys and books etc so she unwraps something but we are already 3 of us crammed into one room with most of our furniture in storage.

I guess what im asking is if you knew of our circumstances would you find our request reasonable or would you still find it to be rude?
I think that's a great idea and wouldn't think of it as rude at all. It's similar when people put on their Wedding invite that they already have all they need so if you want to give something give money.
It'll be good for her future to have some money saved up in a bank account, go for it! smile
Sometimes it can come across as rude, sometimes it's just the people asking wink
A good gift idea I heard once is to buy children is something you want,something you need, something to wear, something to read. Most of these you guys could easily do for a one year old. You could use it as theasy something you want. If you are having a party you could do like a wishing well or a money tree so it's more annonmomyous than people putting it into an account? You guys could bank it afterwards
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