Hi ladies
Yesterday DD celebrated her 2nd birthday .She had a sleep in then woke to all her wonderfull presents,which included a bike with parent steering (fab idea)a dress up chest ,and a heap of other great things.
We had about 30 people in total ,which i think was a little stressfull for her at times,she was ok as long as you werent paying her any attention which made it very hard to sing happy birthday at cake time.
Our activities included a bouncy castle,face painting and balloon art,we decided that no games were neccesary ,they had heaps to do.
All went without a hitch and things were made easier with a SIL that helps out with the food and cleaning up.No family fueds ,everyone was very well behaved.
The birthday girl had a fantastic day and loves all her pressies from friends and family
Just thought id let everyone know what a perfect day my DD had ,and how sad it is to them grow up so fast,she is no longer my baby girl but my big girl aaah