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Hi ladies

I am after some suggestions. my bubs is going to be turning one in the middle of winter (end of july) I am just after some suggestions of what we can do when its that cold - especially because we live in melbourne. My son was born in feb so its always nice for his birthday - easy BBQ!

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Jacquie, Mummy to Bailey, Tijana & Kaitlyn

Its not much fun when a birthday falls in winter as it limits the things you can do sad but maybe if you just have a few people around to have a party inside your home or if you have a few to invite maybe look at going to an indoor activity play centre as you can hold parties at those also which the kids all enjoy.

Hi Jacka,

I have 2 boys one is born 15/7/2003 and the other is 21/08/2005. An idea for a first birthday in winter is a play centre if you have any near you. Kids of all ages love it Plus it doesnt matter if it rains either.. My boys both love playcentres, great for birthdays 2.

Hope that helps

Rose , nsw

in winter your best bet is to go to a kids indoor playground. they have bouncy castles and cllimbing equipment for kids of all ages. kids run a muck there. keeps them amused for hoursand great entertainment. they provide all the food and drinks and lunch for kids for a standard prices. i'm taking my daughter there for her second birthday .

philippa mum of Charley chicken

Hi jacka my daughter just had her 1st birthday and she is also a winter baby and we had the back yard decorated just incase the weather was perfect for a specail day and we had a bbq and we also had it inside the house.

Maybe docorated outside incase the weather turns out to be nice.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

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