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Hi everyone

I'm a bit overwhelemed at all the other posts regarding their childs 1st b'day parties. I didn't really want to have anytype of themed party or big thing as we have only recently gotten over her Christening which was full on with 80 people attending.

I wanted to do something small for her b'day but didn't want it to be insignificant either.

Her b'day is on a Monday! On the 24th of July. So not exactly outdoors weather.

My best friend has a little girl 3 months old and my other friends daughter is turning 1 tomorrow but apart from that I don't really know any other little kiddies to invite. I feel bad. I don't want her to look back at photo's of her 1st b'day and it to have not really looked like a party!

What should I do?


I was the same when my DD turned 1 (she has just turned 2 a couple of weeks ago). We had just had her christening, followed by Christmas a couple of months after. So I didn't want to bombard my family with then having to get a birthday present as well. We decided to invite a few friends with little kids Emily's age over and had a teddy bear picnic in our back yard. That way, it wasn't a full on theme party, but a nice way to spend a couple of hours with friends. You can even get the guests to bring along their own teddy to join in the party (I didn't do that because our dog would have stolen them all).

Anyway, I hope this helps you somewhat.

Take care,
4 my daughters 1st party i did quite a large party and i didnt enjoy it as much as i thought i would as i had so many people there i couldnt talk to every guest and i had it at a park which was great and i also over did the amount of food supplied. so dont go feeling down if you cant put on a big party 4 your little 1. when she is older she will still no she is so dearly loved even though she didnt have a big party 4 her 1st, just give her a big 1 when she is older and has lots of friends and she will enjoy it so much more.

steph and alexis 15mths

steph n alexis 20mths and pregnant with 2nd bub

I just had a small party for DD 1st b'day inside with my friends (5 of them) and thier bubs (all around 1). I served indivdual cup cakes, and had all my daughters fave foods (cherrio's, pineapple peices, apple, pear, sultana's, tasty cheese, fairy bread), and some tim tams etc for the grown ups.
We unwrapped any presents first so the kids all played while we chatted, then had food and cake, another play and they all left.

I dont think your DD will look back with anything but happy thoughts, and thats even if she remembers anything! Enjoying the day is what counts. A small party is preferable to a big do, for you and bub, less stress for you both, and less work for you. I really enjoyed DD's party, and so did she. We also had balloons which kept all the kids busy for ages, and DD entertained for days afterwards.

Hope this helps.
my little girl just turned 1 on the 5 june. We had a little bbq we invited like 25 people to but we had it on the sunday (4/6) at lunch time. It was aquiet affair and we did invite some kids, but we only knew a few and most didnt come anyway.Hannah is normally funny with a lot of people but she walked around to everyone even ones she hadnt met beefore. we made her a butterfly cake but in true fashion, worn out, she went to sleep and we had to cut it withut her so people could go home.! It was small and quiet but so worth seeing her with everyone! In all it doesnt matter what you do, she will just be happy with whatever you decide! Good luck and Hope you have a wonderful bday!

Hannah 5/6/05 and Patrick 12/6/07

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