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Any ideas, 1st bday party Lock Rss

Its my dd 1st bday in August and i was wandering if any one had any suggestions as to what to do for a party. I have heaps of kids in the family that will be coming, and also my Partners mum and dad dont get along and my Mum and my partners mum dont get along so want to have it somewhere where they dont have to be in each others face, and as my place is very small this is unevoidable if i was to have it at my place.
Please Help!!

Kaylas 3 and a half gowing up too fast

My baby is only 5 months old so I dont have any experience with birthday parties yet!
But I do know some people that have had their babies first birthday party at a local park. That might be a good option for you as you have family members that dont get along. Although it will be winter so may be too cold. Do you have one of those play centres nearby where they have slides and ball pits etc? I know the one near us does special parties for toddlers so maybe you could enquire about what would be involved for a 1 year old party?
Hope that helps a little!!

Rachel Mum to Riley 6/1/06

hi sarah lollies pops 'or chilren play area at mcdaulds or hungry jacks its a great idea no cleaning or you dont have to do any thing there they do it all for you i had my daughter bday there the kids had a great time playing for 2 hours let me know how you go and where do you came from i came from smithfeild area
do u have a kids indoor playground where the kids can run a muck and the company provides all the food an drinks for a price. its got bouncy castles and climbing equipment. its great for your inlaws so they can sit different areas. its great fun. i'm doing it for my daughters 2nd birthday on sat. they can fit any amount of kids there.

philippa mum of Charley chicken

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