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Pls help- Need idea's for games to play at 1st Bday! Lock Rss

Hello everyone smile
Does anyone have any idea's for games to play for a 1st bday Party? Most of the children that will be there, are under 4 years. The only appropriate one I can think of is "Pass the parcle" Any idea's will be most helpful
Thanks smile
Hi you could try dress up, puzzles, or get a photo of say the 'wiggles" and some stickers and see you can stick them on one of the wiggles, hid and seek, painting, pasting, art/ craft, just about all the older kids games but change them, to suit the ages of the children.
Oh and things like races they like them and the parents will love it as it should wear them out.
Hope so of these help you out wait to hear what you think
Lachlan 3yo & Andrew 4month

Melissa, Lachlan 6 & Andrew 3

Hi Proud Mummy.

One idea that worked for me was setting up a Play Dough area. You could use a child size table or lay out a large platic table cloth on the floor. Its very inexpensive as you can make your own play dough in lots of different colours and just use cookie cutters, plastic cups, spoons and anything you have in your kitchen drawer. The kids love it and so your not stuck with loads of play douh let them take home the things they make.

Goodluck smile

kelly, NSW

at our sons first bday we just had pass the parcel, and we just had play area, with his ball crawl and swimming pool because it was summer. i think the kids were just happy playing together! -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

Hi I just had my DD 1st birthday and I hired a clown for the kids, she was great- she did dancing, pass the parcel, parachute game, face painting, balloon animals etc.. they all had a great time!
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