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1st and 2nd PARTY Lock Rss

okay, i'm join my kids parties together (they are 8 days apart) my son is turning one and my daughter is turning two. Ive kinda got everything sorted out in my mind....bu t thought i would ask what u guys thought.

I was gonna make a butterfly cake (taylor) and a catapiller cake (marek) i was gonna have fairy bread, pigs in blankets( maybe), chips, popcorn(maybe? not sure how marek will handle it), chocolate crackles, aprricot balls, i wanted things i can make a day or two b4 since i'm having there party in the park. but i can't think of other finger party food that i can do... ( also if it can be eaten cold would be great!!)

i was also gonna do pass the parcel with chocolates or something but i don't know what other games that mainly toddlers can play (well i have age range between 1-6 ) there is a playground with swings etc which i thought would be the main thing but is ther any other games i could do? maybe a pinhata?

Its mainly family comming so i don't have to go nuts but i still want it to be nice...Any other ideas??

Mum of taylor (22months) and Marek (10months) smile

I think your food ideas are great, just watch the real littleies (ie 1 and 2 year olds) with the popcorn they could choke just keep it for the older ones or may be the mums and dads. Some fruit sticks could be good. You use paddle pop sticks for safety and slide bite size bits of fruit on them (use apple, strawberries, bannana, pear, appricots or any other fruit you or your kids like).

For games you could try some of the ones listed on this website under party games like 'The Hokey Pokey', 'Duck Duck Goose', or 'I wrote a Letter' this is played similer to "Duck Duck Goose" but insted of saying duck duck goose you say
"I wrote a letter and on the way I droped it"
while walking around the circle of people with their hands behind their back and when the letter (a folded bit of paper like a letter) is droped in someones hand they chase the person who droped it and try to tag them before they get back to the spot where the letter was droped.

I hope this gives you a few more ideas. I hope the party goes well and you don't get too tired planning the party that you just want it all to be over. Try to sit back and put you feet up at least once during the party and just watch the kids having fun.

Best of Luck

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