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hello, just wondering if anyone elses bubs are turning one in september, thought it would be nice to see were they all are at and swap some ideas for birthday parties and stuff.
trey is doing awesome, he is eating heaps still not walking but dont now if that is a bad thing or a good. he is saying a great range of little words like ta, mum (when sooking). dad (all the time) bad, hey.
i am really enjoying this age and i really hope all of you are to

My DD is turning 1 on 25th September.

Jess is also eating heaps i wonder where it all goes sometimes.
Jessica has started walking and been doing so for about a month now she is still a bit wobbly but it is very cute to watch her stumble around the house.
She is saying Dad/dadda (all the time loves to sing dada), mum, nan and she has started saying num (with yummy food) there are a few other sounds but not qite words yet.
she is also clapping and loves singing songs with me and clapping along.

i am really enjoying this age too it's fun to watch all the new things she learns

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Hi girls,

My little fellow just turned one yesterday. As it was also fathers day we just had our family and did finger food. He loved having his 5 cousins around to play with.
He has been walking for about 5 weeks now.
Eating a lot specially since he started walking.
Love to wave, kiss,clap hands and play chassy.
He is a real chaterbox as well most of the time you don't now what he is say. Most common ones are mum, mama, dad, daddy, baba, hey, hep, yes, mmm (when he likes something) the newest ones are na and pa.
Also got number 8 tooth two days before turning 1.
We are loving this age and enjoying watching all the new things he finds he can do or say.

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Hey there my little man turns one on the 28th he shares the same day as his daddy... he arrive on my partners 30th birthday, what more could you ask for as a present..
We are having a afternoon tea with friends and family i bet he will get very spoilt as he is the only boy on my side of the family...
My little man has being walking since 10 1/2 months and is doing so much that he is growing up far to quickly he just wonts to be like his big sister...
Well i hope your little man enjoys his birhtday....

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Hello my baby girl turned one on the 8th of sept she is also doing well and getting into all things now she can walk.
Yeh my DD Tiana turned 1 on the 6th Oct...we had her party at a playcentre with about 14 kids and 8 adults...I would do it again next yr, mybe at a diff venue!! It helps with no organising (except the minibus and the cake and the photgrapher), but no cleaning up!! I was so relieved to go home to a clean house, having had such a big day, Tiana was exhasuted by then!! She had an Eeyore choccy cake with yellow cream, she loved it! Oh but she couldnt blow out her candle, i had to for her! Anyone wanna see pics, its at

Leave a comment if u wish, also my msn is Feel free to add me.

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