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December 04 babies just turned 2! Lock Rss

Hello everyone,
just checking in to see how everuyone's 2 year old is going, what their upto now?

Ellie turned 2 on the 3rd December and is a real little miss, trying to get her own way and blaming her brother (3)or sister(6) for things that she has done"Lleyton did it!".

But still lights up my life and I look forward to her cuddles in the morning, she's still in the cot and has bed dummies but at present I have no dfesire or need to move her into the toddler bed at this stage-then she can escape!!!!!! But hasn't had bottles for 6 months now and with no dramas.

Waiting to hear from you,

Belinda,Qld,3 children(1 in heaven)

Well tahlia hasnt turned 2 just yet.. She turns 2 on dec 17th..
She just amazes me everyday though with how much of a little girl she is becoming.. far from the little baby i gave birth to nearly 2 yrs ago..
Tahlia was in a big girls bed since 15months as she just hated the cot.. We are just having a quiet family do for her birthday this year..

Bianca,Vic,Tahlz born 17/12/04,Olivia born 4/1/07

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